Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Origins of Monster Bash

Obviously, Monster Bash is a great name for a wild and crazy Halloween party that is thrown in Jim's room on a yearly basis...

but it got me thinking....I wonder if anyone else capitalizes on such a magical and spoOoOoOoOky name (a.k.a. what thieves out there are stealing my awesome party name?)

well, trust me, there's a LOT.

this site uses Monster Bash in the most literal way possible-it's a computer game where you bash the monsters. the music is strangely addictive and enjoyable...i actually played it for 10 minutes after initially thinking "this is stupid".

this site refers to M.B. as a convention for horror movie classics. i must say, the art work is impressive and they even link to hotels in the area of the convention as "bash hotels". nice touch.

Monster Bash is also featured in Wikipedia...and strangely enough...not for the party at Jim's...but for some weird game I've never heard of until right now.

Then, there's about 6 sites that discuss Monster Bash, the pinball game. it actually sounds kind of fun, and i'm saddened that i've never seen one in my life.

And then, of course...i knew it was coming. some guy named joe Digi in boston, celebrated his 5th annual monster bash party. but, unlike being in someone's room...it was in a bar. what can i say? that's like comparing apples to oranges. but i will say this...he probably didn't have an awesome eyeball pinata or spoOoOoOky scavenger hunt...so there! gloves are off!

I guess I can leave you with this: the name may not be so unique...but i can guarantee you that every year, monster bash in jim's room is the most awesome, most wild, most fun party you'll ever attend in your life. take that! pinball, video game, convention, and joe digi!


Jim said...

Monster Bash remains the king...but come on....Joe's bar parties are pretty good.

What's with all this analysis of Monster Bash's origins? People want details.

Fog? Punch? What?

Monster Bash said...

If i revealed all of the details of Monster Bash '08...people wouldn't live in a state of horror-induced suspense, now would they?

I have to save something for August/September/early October