Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ways to Make June Feel Like October

So, it's nice outside now. 4th of Ghoul-eye weekend is days away. Sweatshirts are basically locked away in closets. Nobody wants to hear about soups, pumpkins,'s all about lemonade and ice cream.

I know what you're thinking: MB Blog, how can I create an Autumnal feeling in these warm days of Summer?

Well, I have some ideas...

1. Make Pumpkin Ice Cream. Missing your favorite Autumn gourd? No problem! Let's combine the best of both worlds! Cool down this Summer with a nice, orange favorite!
pumpkin ice cream Pictures, Images and Photos
Seasonal Selection? NOT ANYMORE!

2. What about....
apples Pictures, Images and Photos + SWIMMING POOL Pictures, Images and Photos =
Bobbing for Apples in a Swimming Pool!
I mean...what better way to cool off than incorporating Fall into a fun water sport...Marco Polo? Nah, I'll just be over here bobbing for apples in this gigantic pool!

3. Campfire Scary Stories!
campfire Pictures, Images and Photos
Grab your sleeping bags, and camp out! And of course, don't forget your flashlight and scary stories....what was that noise? Did you hear that? (This also includes scary unsafe carnival ride stories, which always go over well as far as scary stories go...because they could be true!)

4. Replace corn on the cob with candy corn!
Hey, you're still eating corn, right?
candy corn Pictures, Images and Photos

Your BBQ's will be so much SWEETER!!!

5. Speaking of BBQ....Change the names of your BBQ foods. For example, Jim and I no longer refer to potato salad as "potato salad"....potato salad has officially and permanently become "ghostato salad". And there's so much more. Just saying "ghostato" makes me feel like it's Halloween!

6. Create a Watermelon Jack-O-Lantern!

Now, this guy has the right idea. He's right. Halloween is just too great to only have one time during the year...and while pumpkins may not be readily available, why not make one out of watermelon?

See? Just as scary.

And of course....PLAN YOUR MONSTER BASH!!! What are you doing sitting there and reading? Halloween is only 5 months away...GET TO WORK!

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Vampire Craze

You know, with so many great spoOOooOoOoky things out there, there are always crazes.

Zombies have been pretty popular for awhile now, before that, I'd say clowns were the rage.

Lately, movies have been made surrounding "deadly strains" of viruses causing pandemics and making people go mad (I Am Legend, 28 Days/Weeks Later, etc)

But now, I've got my money on Vampires.

Movie Crunch made a great list of the top 15 Vampire movies of all time...including:

Interview with the Vampire
Tom Cruise as Lestat - Interview With The Vampire - 1994 Pictures, Images and Photos
Bram Stoker's Dracula
bram stokers dracula Pictures, Images and Photos

Shadow of the Vampire
shadow of the vampire Pictures, Images and Photos

30 Days of Night
Vampire from 30 Days of Night Pictures, Images and Photos
The Lost Boys
Kiefer Sutherland as David - The Lost Boys - 1987 Pictures, Images and Photos
Twilight (My vote)
`~Twilight~' Pictures, Images and Photos
(I'll use any excuse to put a picture of him on my blog) I mean...can you really blame me? Look at him:

spoOoOoOokily good looking

It's scary how cuuuuuuuuute he is


...oh....sorry....about'd that get in there? along....

Let the Right One In (I added that one in)
eli Pictures, Images and Photos

Blade and Blade II
Deacon Frost Pictures, Images and Photos

From Dusk Til Dawn
From Dusk Till Dawn Pictures, Images and Photos

Even Guillermo Del Toro (Pan's Labyrinth, Hellboy, Blade II) is continuing to delve deeper into his love of bloodsuckers. He has written a trilogy of Vampire novels, the first one that just came out called The Strain, which was released on June 2nd, and looks awesome. He combines two hot phenomena right now: virus strains and vampires. Well done.

What's next? Obviously New Moon, which is the sequel to Twilight in case you are male or living in a hole somewhere and didn't know that.
new moon Pictures, Images and Photos

I like this phase...let's keep it going!
dracula coffin Pictures, Images and Photos

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jason Voorhees in Your Own Home!

No...I'm not selling my 6 foot tall Jason Voorhees prop....are you kidding? I love that thing!

And then, to show his diversity and creepiness, we dressed him up as a clown for last year's Monster Bash: is a special day!

Today, Friday the 13th (2009 remake) is released on DVD! So you guys and ghouls can have your very own Camp Crystal Lake without leaving the comfort of your couches!
Friday The 13th 2009 Pal DVD Cover by X-Records Pictures, Images and Photos
In case you didn't already see my blog about this movie...since I saw it on Midnight on...Friday the's the trailer:

And here's unreleased footage with Uncle Phil from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air
....ok fine...that wasn't real....Or was it?
Anyway, Jim and I already have the entire library of Friday the 13th of course we need to add to our collection. I'll see you at Best Buy later.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Drag Me To Hell = Loud,SpoOoOoOoky, and Gross

I know, it's been out since May 29th...

But I finally got to see it!
drag me to hell Pictures, Images and Photos
Drag Me To Hell.

I'd also like to add that we went on the opening night of The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3, and The Hangover was the hottest movie going on. Everyone before us, literally everyone, was purchasing tickets for The Hangover, which was sold out, and fans were leaving upset. Jim and I had no problem getting DMTH tickets...because it's been out for weeks. So now's the time to see it!

I don't know if you remember, but way back in scary May, I wrote about how pumped I was to see this movie...
And now...I have seen it! Finally!

Dear beloved readers,
Now, I'm going to discuss the movie here, so I realize how unhappy some people may get that my blog has spoilers. Since we're such great friends, I'd like to tell you that if you don't want to know about what happens, I suggest you stop reading until you see it....or just leave the Internet completely, because Wikipedia, IMDB, and even the official movie website can also spoil this for you. So, no more fresh comments to me, ok?
Sincerely, your pal, Monster Bash Blog.

Moving along, The movie starts off in 1969 in Pasedena, where a couple brings their young son who has been hearing voices. We find out that the boy had stolen a necklace from some gypsies and despite the medium's efforts, the boy guessed it! Dragged to Hell. The scene ends with the medium saying in Spanish, "We will meet again" or something along those lines...
That brings us to a series of the opening credits with some eerie violin music and animations, explaining the curse that takes 3 days to develop.

After the credits, we meet a woman named Christine Brown
Drag me to hell 02 Pictures, Images and Photos
who is vying for a position as the assistant manager at her bank firm. She is up against this brown nosing turd named Stu Rubin, who is seriously hated by me and everyone else in the theater throughout the entire movie. Anyway, she comes to meet this old creepy woman, Mrs. Ganush, who hasn't made her payments two times now and is at risk of losing her home. Christine, who doesn't want to risk losing the promotion because she has no backbone, turns Ganush down. The old woman begins to beg and grab Christine, and Christine calls security over and "shames" the old woman. Mrs. Ganush is escorted outside after attacking Christine, and Christine is visibly shaken.

Later that night, Christine gets to her car and is attacked again by the old woman.
null Pictures, Images and Photos
Mrs. Ganush grabs one of her buttons from her jacket and places a curse on her.
null Pictures, Images and Photos
It is after this that Christine begins experiencing weird winds, flies, and attacks by shadows...and the old woman:
I'll Swallow Your Soul Pictures, Images and Photos
Despite her boyfriend, Clay's, pleas, she goes to see a psychic named Rham Jas (who is my favorite character on earth). Rham sees that she is being haunted by a dark spirit and that she is cursed by the darkest curse of all: the Lamia.
null Pictures, Images and Photos

**Fun Fact! The Lamia is also made popular in Pans Labyrinth, as this terrifying character:
pans labyrinth Pictures, Images and Photos
Holy shit that thing was scary...remember?:

Anyway, Christine tries everything from killing her adorable kitten (seriously, I was depressed about this for the entire movie) to offer the blood of an innocent animal to the trying to visit Mrs. Ganush to have her remove the curse (but she's too late: the old lady has bit the dust) then having a seance to try to bring the spirit out to slaughter it.

She ends up travelling back to that same house in Pasedena that we saw in the beginning, and the same medium tries to bring the spirit of the Lamia out to kill it. This scene is awesome, btw.
null Pictures, Images and Photos
After that doesn't work, Rham tells Christine to give the button to a new owner to avoid the Lamia dragging her to Hell on the third day.

Christine struggles with who to give it to, even though I think she should have given it to Stu or Mr. Jacks (her jerk boss), but she decides to take the button and give it back to the corpse of Mrs. Ganush.

So, she treks to the graveyard, digs up Ganush's corpse, and places the envelope with her. After an epic struggle to get out of the mud and away from the corpse of Mrs. Ganush:
Drag me to Hell 01 Pictures, Images and Photos

Christine goes home and gets ready to meet with Clay and go away for the weekend.

I'm not even going to beat around the bush here and tell you that the ending is incredible and unexpected. I think to a degree, you can kind of guess what see Clay holding an engagement ring and you think that "aww, she made it!" she gets her job promotion, she buys a brand new coat, and everything seems to be going wonderful. Then you find out that she left the wrong envelope with Mrs. Ganush's body, and Clay had found the button late last night. At this point, she falls into where the train is coming and she gets....yep...dragged to hell! She never had a chance! She didn't make it!? No!! All I kept thinking was how sad I was about that cute kitten.

The movie is filled with alot of "BOO!" jump-out-of-your-seat moments. Literally 80% of the movie is...AHH!! The old woman is so horrific, it makes it even more frightening:
drag me to hell Pictures, Images and Photos

Oh my god someone made a split screen of the actress playing Ganush and look at the difference:

I jumped 3 feet out of my chair! I wasn't alone, the girl sitting behind Jim let out blood curdling screams at every moment. After the movie, as an aside, I went into the bathroom and I heard at least 3 different girls say they didn't want to go into the stall because they were too scared. That's how you know this is a scary movie!

Also, there is a lot of goop and gross shit...I am guessing that takes the place of blood, since this is rated PG-13, which originally turned me off to the movie, but I felt was still done fantastically.
In closing, I think this move truly has it all: suspense, gore (gross-ness), horror, a great storyline, and more jumps than you can ever imagine.

Jim liked it so much he even wrote about his own feelings about it....and Jim rarely ever blogs, so that should be an even better reason to see it.
SO GO SEE IT! You have 3 days before I drag you to ....go see it...haha!

((Special thanks to DragonrageHR for the great pictures))

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dead Snow? Dead...Snow.

Being an avid fan of all things spoOoOoOoOky, I've learned that there can really be a scary movie made about anything.

And I mean...ANYTHING.

So, why I was surprised when I heard there was a movie coming out on June 12th called Dead Snow is still beyond me.
Dead Snow Mini Pictures, Images and Photos
Dead Snow has been a hot topic of discussion around here for as long as I can remember. It's the hottest topic since Black Sheep (the movie from 2006 about the Zombie Sheep):
zombie sheep Pictures, Images and Photos

Dead Snow, in case you couldn't tell from the movie poster above, is about a group of medical students who go up to a cabin in the mountains for their Easter break, only to discover that this cabin was also occupied by the Nazis when they occupied Norway during World War II. The Nazis had frozen to death, and when the students find some of their gold...they come back from the dead to reclaim it...and kill the students.

In short, this movie is about Nazi Zombies.

Dead Snow Pictures, Images and Photos

Would you have ever thought it?

Here's the trailer:

Along the vein of The Evil Dead, this movie is an over-the-top horror-comedy with alot of gore...and zombies...that happen to be Nazis.

IFC has purchased this film and it will be available to get on demand to watch!

Apparently, Nazi Zombies are so popular they even have their own website. Ok fine, it's from a video game, but still...more Nazi Zombies. Even IMDB has a tag for "Nazi Zombies" and there are a whole bunch of related topics.

**Update 06/14/09: I watched this last night with Jim...and my parents. It was their 28th wedding anniversary and they wanted to watch a movie with us...naturally, I chose this. It was everything I hoped it would be and more. The death scenes are incredible. Seriously, this movie is so bad it's awesome. I loved it.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Let The Right One In

Let The Right One In Pictures, Images and Photos


I never even heard of this film until recently, but apparently it came out a year ago (so if you're mad that I'm spoiling it for you a year after it came out you should be ashamed of yourself). Anyway, this was one of those rental ideas that Jim had actually found.

Let the Right One In is a 2008 Swedish...not that is actually listed as the 191st film in the top 250 greatest films of all time on For a foreign horror film, that is phenomenal.

The film, and book, are both titled after a Morrissey song, "Let the Right One Slip In".
MORRISSEY Pictures, Images and Photos
That picture of Morrissey is pretty spoOoOoOoOky and ominous.

You know what else is great about the movie? It's considered a "Romantic vampire film"....hmmm...that reminds me of another great "romantic vampire film"....
Twilight Movie Pictures, Images and Photos
Oh! What a nice surprise to have you on here!

....sorry...where was I? Ah yes, back to Let the Right One In...

The movie is about a boy named Oskar, who is bullied in school. I mean BULLIED.
let the right one in 2 Pictures, Images and Photos
Here is Oskar taking a beating (see the slash on his face)
These bullies are little assholes who try to hurt him on a daily basis. Usually, they succeed. Poor Oskar just takes it, but has withheld anger and pretends with his knife in the courtyard that he's killing them or "making them squeal like a pig".
Let the right one in Pictures, Images and Photos
One of these said nights in the courtyard, he encounters a strange girl, named Eli, who seems to appear out of nowhere.
"Let the Right One In" - Oskar and Eli Jungle Jim Pictures, Images and Photos
They develop this sweet and magical relationship...

There's only one problem. a vampire.

She also can't come in unless she's invited or else this happens:
let the right one in Pictures, Images and Photos
Anyway, Eli relies on her "friend" to bring her blood, but when he dies, she must do things for herself.
She finds a woman and begins chowing down. She is stopped by the woman's boyfriend, and flees.
What happens to the woman who is changing into a vampire:
Let the Right One In Pictures, Images and Photos
This movie rules.

Anyway, Eli tells Oskar that she will protect him from the bullies. She tells Oskar to get tougher and to fight back, even to kill.

Oskar takes her advice, begins weightlifting classes, and hits one of the bullies in the ear with a pole, causing him to have major ear issues. The bully, his jackass friends, and his older brother seek out revenge on Oskar.

Meanwhile, the town is becoming suspicious of Eli's strange behavior and of the death's happening in town.
After one of the townspeople try to kill Eli, Eli decides she must flee town and leave Oskar behind.

With Oskar alone and defenseless, those loser bullies devise a plan to have Oskar come to swim practice...
let the right one in Pictures, Images and Photos
So he's happily treading water to music...when all of a sudden, the turd bully's brother comes in...

let the right one in Pictures, Images and Photos
Seriously, you can't see his face, but trust me, the brother is like 30...why is he bullying a 12 year old kid? Also, his stupid brother deserved it.

Anyway, the brother tells Oskar that he has to stay underwater for 3 minutes or else he'll gauge his eyes he holds him under:
underwater Pictures, Images and Photos
Time ticks by....the lesser minion bullies are getting anxious....Eli is gone...Oskar looks like a goner...but then:
let the right one in Pictures, Images and Photos

Is that...a leg?

It turns out, Eli came back to save Oskar. Because she loves him.

Here's the entire scene, because it's so fantastic. Between the marching to the beat of the weird music while Oskar innocently treads water, and the underwater falling body parts, I could watch this scene over and over again:

Then they run off together and do morse code on the train. The End?