Thursday, April 3, 2008

One, Two, Freddy's Coming For You...

Nightmare On Elm Street

I don't know. Maybe it's just me.

But everytime I watch any of the "Nightmare on Elm Street" movies...I get really tired.

Sometimes, it's me legitimately being tired...but other times...i'm really tired...for them.

I mean, come on. If I knew this guy:

was coming after me only when I slept, I'd definitely stay awake as long as I could...but...I'd be really tired. I'd also probably be really grouchy.

Actually, I KNOW i'd be really grouchy...and I'd sleep with armor. lots of it. steel armor.

Just one glimpse of:

And i'd be awake. no caffeine required.

but, of course...there were a few fools that fell asleep anyway.

I mean, Johnny, I love you...but really?

You're really going to do this?

Oh....Oh No!

Oh nooooooooo!!! Johnny!!!!

then, there was that one girl got so tired in the first one that her hair turned gray. GRAY. Now, that's being tired.

Wait!! NOOO!!! look at the walls!! the WALLS!!!

I just want to nap for them. I just want to take some nice hot cocoa...maybe some break-n-bake cookies...snuggle up under some blankets...

A Nightmare On Elm Street

Wait what? It's not real?...

OH...ok good...

I guess I was just having a nightmare...ON ELM STREET!! MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHHA

Oh and P.S.: 210 Days until Halloween!!!


I'll try that! said...

He was pedophile janitor, and yet that wasn't scary enough for the 80's. So they made him horribly disfigured, gave him a claw hand, and made it so that you couldn't sleep without fearing him.


Monster Bash said...

hahahah i totally agree...the fact that he molested kids and then was burned alive in a basement wasn't scary enough...give the man a claw glove too!

between you and i though, i prefer j.voorhees.

I'll try that! said...

My love will always belong to ZoMBieS!!! So in the classic bunch, I tend to lead toward Leatherface. He eats people, zombies eat people, its close enough.

Monster Bash said...

does he really eat them? or wear them instead?

jason's kinda zombie'esque in the sense that he never dies

Jim said...

First, i'd like to point out that the three people who just commented this blog are the only three people that comment all three of the blogs belonging to the three aformentioned commenters.

Second, I would like to, as always, pledge allegiance to Jason Voorhees and wish him the best of luck in his Senate campaign.

And lastly, I love the part where you show a screenshot of a burning man and say that that would be enough to keep you awake. Just a personal fav in this particular blog.

I'll try that! said...

Yes, we have a blogmunity. (blog+community)

Anonymous said...

Random factoid: My uncle was Robert Englund's housemate for a bit after he moved to LA. That's pretty much all I associate with Freddy now.

Monster Bash said...

oh man! did he watch the movies at all with him? that would be amazing!