Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Storm of the Century

First and foremost: Happy Earth Day! I know, Earth Day isn't very scary...but the effects of not doing things to save the Earth ARE scary, so there you go, I tied it together.

Now, onto the spoOoOoOokiness:

Although I'm a huge horror fan, I rarely will watch the Sci-Fi Channel. Usually it is constantly airing things that I am extremely bored by, like aliens and intergalactic travel. Well, I mean, aliens are scary...but not the kind that they have on sci-fi. They're more like robot android aliens, you know what I'm saying?

One time they showed "Cabin Fever" by Eli Roth, and I was so bored, I ended up watching it the 4 times they aired it that weekend.

But on Sunday, they had a Stephen King marathon all day. Now, Stephen King's made for TV movies usually bore me. They're very long and drawn out and there's rarely anything spooky about them. They're usually about the "end of the world" and "man's last stand" but they take so loooooong to get into the good parts that I'm usually snoozin' away.

But on Sunday, they had one on called "Storm of the Century"-it was four hours long broken up into 4 parts.

I caught it at I believe the middle of part 2 and I was HOOKED!

basically, the plot goes like this: there's this little town in Northern New England that is completely buried by this massive storm (of the century) and weird things start happening.

This mysterious man named Andre Linoge comes to the town and sparks all kinds of no good...I mean, look at him:

Oh, I forgot to mention but there's creepy little kids in it (kind of like village of the damned, but not as outwardly disturbing). The story basically centers around one family, and one character in particular-Mike Anderson. I don't want to give you all of the spoOoOoOky details, but it lines the story around good vs. evil and difficult decisions. The ending was pretty awesome, not in an action blood spurting way, but more of a "wow, this isn't a happy ending at all" type of way.
I was really surprised that this was made in 1999. Really? 9 years ago? that long ago? AND it's of coursed based on the book by S. King himself.

I'm interested in reading it, especially now that I am very scholarly and am trying to read more so that I have more to write about than just made for tv movies. I'll be adding this one to my Amazon Wishlist.
And, if you want to check the movie out and it isn't playing anytime soon, you can buy it here, wink wink hint hint to jimbo.
If you like scary storms, the feeling of hopelessness, scary children, despair, and gut-wrenching decision making, this movie is for you!
oh, and by the way: 191 days until Halloween! I'm ebaying for props, how about you?


Jim said...

Is this made-for-tv? I think it was......it was ok....actually...thats not fair because I didnt watch the whole thing....can we do C.D.M before we start Monster Bash'ing dear?