Friday, July 1, 2011

Poison Ivy

"Leaves of Three...Leave them Be!"

Seriously, poison ivy is so villainous that it has its own poem!

Poison ivy has been an eternally feared phrase in my house growing up.  My dad is so insanely allergic that he won't even eat mangoes... that's how serious this plant it.  It even affects the ingestion of other fruits!

I can remember being in 6th grade and having such a bad reaction that my one eye was swollen shut and my entire face and arms were covered in poison ivy for what felt like forever.  I shuddered with horror at the thoughts of cortaid

benadryl, and that gross oatmeal aveeno garbage that doesn't work...ugh...I was constantly asked "What the hell happened to your face?!" and am forever scarred for life because of it. 
Of course, poison ivy is only horrible if you're sensitive to the urushiol (totally looked that word up), and you have a reaction to it. Other than that, you could tear the weeds out all day like William Bartlett, the poison ivy man:

I could watch this video all day.  Look at him go! And he'll keep coming back til they're gone! 

You know something, I think this could be the premise for a spOoOoOoOOoky movie!  Like, a backwoods man (Bartlett) creates a dungeon made of poison ivy that he harvests from innocent people's lawns, then when he goes to collect payment he kidnaps said innocent people...murders them...and FEEDS them to his poison ivy plants!  THEN, the plants TAKE OVER THE WORLD!  Ivy-pocalypse! WHOA!!! coming soon on Fearnet!

Now, I know why you're really want to see gross poison ivy rash pictures...right?

Well, first what you need to do is go to and check out their hall of is not for the faint of heart.

Here's the worst one i've ever seen / the winner:

and my favorite:

Have fun playing in the woods!