Monday, December 21, 2009

MB Blog Reader Appreciation Blog: Jeepers Creepers

Fear Street, this one goes out to you.

Think Back to 2001...A gem....called Jeepers Creepers:
Jeepers Creepers Pictures, Images and Photos

Remember it?

You know something, I find that Jeepers Creepers really got a bad rep. Maybe it's the name? Too rhymy? Is rhymy a word? Now it is.

The movie starred Justin Long (Drag Me To Hell, Dodgeball, He's Just Not That Into You, Drew Barrymore's Boyfriend, and the Mac Guy) and Gina Phillips, who I never heard of but she's in a lot of TV Movies. Regardless, the casting for this movie was great because do they look like brother and sister or what?

jeepers creepers Pictures, Images and Photos

Are they really related? I'd believe it.

Anyway, this bro and sis duo is driving home from college or something, and they see a mysterious man throwing bags of bodies down a well or ditch. They end up of course getting involved and mayhem ensues.

We find out that the "man" is really "The Creeper" an inhuman beast that feeds on humans to make new body parts:

Kind of looks like The Undertaker, no?
undertaker entrance Pictures, Images and Photos

JEEPERS CREEPERS Pictures, Images and Photos

He has wings too, btw.

Now, I have to admit, there are two things about this film that kind of made it feel is the stupid song. I get it, Jeepers Creepers...It's the song and the movie title. But like, do we need to keep hearing it? And how does someone always end up playing it? What year are we in?

Second is the psychic woman who is calling them to warn them. How'd she have the number? Fine, I get it, she's psychic...but why didn't she call all of those other poor people for the past 23 days or whatever?

Anyway, the movie's ending is kind of sad, I won't indulge you, but you should def see it. A nice change of pace if you ask me.

There was a sequel made, Jeepers Creepers 2, which I have not seen yet. Is it any good? I read the synopsis on Wikipedia and it seems "eh". And then of course, we'll have Jeepers Creepers 3: The Cathedral, coming out soon.

Monster Bash Blog...ReVAMP(ire)'ed

Hey, I tried to fit the word "vampire" into "revamped", give me a little cred here!

Anyways, I figure with a new year of spoOOooOoOokiness approaching, it was time to give MB Blog a little makeover mayhem.

First of all, it took me an hour and a half to choose which background I liked best. I like the understated tombstone, don't you? I was torn between orange and pumpkins or this, I like this one. I hope you enjoy it as well.

I hope you like the picture of the Jason cake I made that replaced my childhood Mario costume. If you remember, I made Jason Voorhees a birthday cake back in February for the premier of the remake of Friday the 13th. He loved it, by the way.

I also added a new poll! So get out there and vote about your costume inspirations! And for real, if you get your costume ideas elsewhere, I wanna know about it!

Did you check out my frightening new countdown on the bottom of the page? I sure hope you did!

So, I hope you like the boo and improved changes here at MB Blog!

Exclamation points!!

flying bats Pictures, Images and Photos

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Descent Part 2 = Better than Decent

For some reason, November 1st makes everyone forget about what's really important: Halloween.

Why does one day changing make everyone go from Fall fun to Winter wonderland?

I don't get it.

I mean, I keep my head in the game, I'm still thinking about pumpkins and ghosts...why on November 1st is there a Christmas tree replacing my Mr. Bones and Ghost cookie jar?

I feel so out of the loop...

I even went to upcoming horror movies to see what I've been missing, and the website is different...I'm confused!

But what it looks like to me, is that 2010 is going to be the Year of the SpoOoOoOky Sequel!

We have: The Descent 2, Friday the 13th 2 (which is the remake's sequel, making there 2 Friday the 13th 2's...say that 5 times fast), Cloverfield 2 (really?), Silent Hill 2, Jeepers Creepers get the idea.

The one I'm looking most forward to is definitely The Descent 2. The first one was great, and the sequel looks equally as scary. They've released 11 clips...all great.
Descent 2 Pictures, Images and Photos
Seriously, did you watch them yet? Watch them all. Fantastic. I'm pumped.

Monday, December 7, 2009

I's been awhile

I know, my 8 posts a month have been hurting...

But there's alot going on these days, ya know?

Lots of sadness lately, but I feel like things will get better soon.

In happier (happiest) news, 2010 will be the Year of the Black Rainbow!! AAHHHH!!!

This is ((almost)) as important as my wedding!


Wishing you all a SpoOoOoOktacular Holiday season!

I'll write more soon...I promise

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Can you believe it?!?!

We made it another year!

We here at Monster Bash wish the spoOoOOoOoOoOkiest of bashes to all of you boys and ghouls out there!

Here's to another frightening Halloween!

pumpkin Pictures, Images and Photos


Friday, October 30, 2009

Monster Vote!

We're going to try something a little different here at Monster Bash's called The Tournament of (SpoOoOoOoky) Horror Icons!!!

Basically, I want to know who the most popular, most frightening, most terrifying Horror movie star is...I mean...I know who mine is...but who is yours?

Let me give you some examples....

1. Jason Voorhees.
cartoon jason voorhees Pictures, Images and Photos
Known fondly by MB Blog as simply "Jason"... Jason's got it all...he comes from a murderous family, was originally thought to be dead...hates promiscuity...and is completely indestructable. He also loves to travel...especially to places like Camps, New York City, and Outer Space. This guy is really going places and we are along for the ride.

2. Freddy Krueger
Freddy Krueger Pictures, Images and Photos

Having trouble sleeping? Maybe it's for the best. Freddy strikes terror in the hearts of the young and slutty...even the young and not so slutty. Not a fan of fire, but a big fan of horizontally striped sweaters, Freddy takes fashion seriously. And what about those claws? But really, how long can you stay awake?

3. Michael Myers
cartoon michael myers Pictures, Images and Photos

Donning an old William Shatner mask, MM doesn't wear his heart on his sleeve. In fact, I don't even think Mikey has a heart. He might be a little bit crazy, but not even bars and squad cars can keep him locked away. Think he's dead at the end of every movie? Think again!

4. Leatherface
cartoon leatherface Pictures, Images and Photos
What can you really say about a guy named "Leatherface"? I mean, he wears people's faces as masks. He swings a giant chainsaw. His family may be the only thing scarier.

5. Zombies (general)
Zombie Pictures, Images and Photos
How do you kill something that's already dead? Oh and also, they want to eat pressure or anything. They also will always find you, and depending on what Zombie movie you're watching, they could be really fast.

6. Sharks (general)
swimming shark Pictures, Images and Photos
Sharks terrify me. They are 100% real, and if you encounter one, you are on THEIR turf. Get ready for teeth. Lots of them.

7. Clowns (general)
scary Pictures, Images and Photos
Clowns are frightening, especially Killer Klowns. From Outer Space. Get it? Anyway, it's something about that caked on makeup, and that creepy evil grin. Maybe also the big shoes.

8. Belial
Belial Pictures, Images and Photos
Belial has become a cult icon. Have you seen him? He hates when people have sex, and he loves hamburgers. His shriek could curdle blood.

9. Dracula
dracula coffin Pictures, Images and Photos
I love vampires, but Dracula doesn't look like a Cullen, and therefore, he's scary.

10. Frankenstein
frankenstein Pictures, Images and Photos
Frankenstein gets a pretty tame rep. I mean, the guy was struck by lightning. He's scary. He has bolts in his neck.

According to is numero uno head honcho of horror....while Geeks of Doom crowned Hannibal Lecter....who's yours?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Paranormal Activity? Forget it.

On a cold Sunday night two weeks ago....
Paranormal Activity Pictures, Images and Photos
I saw it.

Now, I really over-hyped did the rest of America. It was so hard not to...

The movie was EVERYWHERE!

I'd be driving home, in the dark, and it would come on in a commercial...I'd glance in my rear view mirror and freak out a little.

I'd be at home, alone, and the trailer would come on...

I'd immediately avoid all mirrors and dark closets.

I was obsessed. People were describing it as "the scariest movie ever". I was hooked. I had to see it. I was frightened to see it though...would it be TOO scary?

In terms of "ghosts"...I'm a believer. It's realistic to me that people and places are haunted, so could this movie prove to be the scariest movie ever? I had to see it...

Finally, we went to the theater...on a Sunday night...

Sitting there waiting for it to begin, I was HORRIFIED. The guy ripping our tickets told us to "not be too scared"!?! WHAT HAPPENS IN THIS MOVIE!?

*******ATTENTION...I'm going to discuss the movie now...and there will be STOP READING NOW if you don't want to know what happens....THANKS! MBBlog*****************

Good enough? No nasty grams, ok readers?

Ok, we're back...

So the trailers come on, which btw, if I can be a female for a minute...I am so pumped to see The Lovely Bones, aren't you?

I watched the trailer and then I had to read the book....and it's fantastic and I can't wait to see the movie now....and...ok, ok...sorry....

The ghoul is back in town.

Anyway, the movie starts, and it's actually...really....reeeeeaaallly slow. You get to know the characters, and they got a camera, and they're pretty damn believable.

That's Katie and Micah, the main characters...what a nice couple...right? They're "engaged to be engaged". Micah is funny, and apparently makes enough money to not have to go outside of the house...and Katie is his spunky leading lady who is in school to be a teacher.

But the tension feel the tension in the theater, and I think that's what makes it the most scary...because in all honesty, the things that are happening on the screen aren't really that scary. But oh boy, you are so scared waiting for something to happen. Something's going to happen soon, though, right?

And sure enough, things start happening, and people in the audience get rowdy...which I think for a movie like this is the best part...the rowdy crowd. You know, the ones that yell "leave the bitch!" or "holy shit!" or "turn the lights on!"
Paranormal Activity Pictures, Images and Photos


There's a couple of cool this one:

...and by the end of the movie, you are on the edge of your seat waiting....WAITING....ugh the waiting!

And then, the theatrical ending..which is pretty cool...but there was also an original ending...which is sad as hell. I think I prefer to the movie one because it's more exciting and scary...but the original makes you feel really, really bad for them. There's also a third ending out there looming too....something about Katie slitting her own throat? It only aired once at a public viewing well. It'll probably be on the DVD.

There were other differences between the original cuts and the theatrical version, which The Horror Effect Blog explains really well here.

One involved a botched exorcism, which I really wish they would have kept in.

Anyways, as with any successful movie, especially one that cost $15,000 to make and beat out Saw VI, there have been sequel discussions.

And there you have it! Get ready for Paranormal Activity 4: Rise of Katie.

Monday, October 26, 2009

SpoOoOoOOoOky Prevails!

So, remember when I told you entered that contest on

And then I shamelessly asked you to vote for me until your little cold dead fingers couldn't vote any more?

Well, I received this spOoOoOktacular e-mail today:

Hi Kim,

We loved your "SpOoOoOktacular Scavenger Hunt" idea. I would like to send your Boo! Party in a Can from the Popcorn Factory. What address shall we have it sent to?


We did it! And they even got the correct number of OoOoOoOs!

And Monster Bash Blog couldn't have done it without you! Especially the little tip we got on here via comment a few weeks ago!

SpoOoOoOooktacular Scavenger Hunt will strike fear in the hearts of millions who visit the site forever!

And, in return...

I get this!

Let's all enjoy some tinted kettle corn and frightening gummies together!! I can't wait!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Nuptual Pumpkin Debacle

So ever since we got engaged, I have been working round the clock on my Autumn magic wedding.

The biggest issue for me though is not my dress...or even the flowers.

It's the pumpkins.

Now, I had to really walk the fine line here to keeping my wedding as traditional as possible. As much as people wanted me to have a spooOoOoOktacular monster wedding bash, I had to restrain myself.

I couldn't put my poor sweet grandmother into a costume and have her sit there with bloody body parts and kitty litter wedding cake.

I couldn't do it.

So, I'm taking a more traditional route, with a few MB Blog touches here and there.

And one of those are my favorite autumnal gourd: Pumpkins.

So, I figured I'd make these nice little carved luminaries as my centerpieces.

Like that.

So, I decided that since I'd probably need like 12 of these, I'd do fake ones.

Well, A.C. Moore sells a faux pumpkin, called a FunKin.

They were on sale, so I bought two and of course, with the FunKins, I also needed the fake pumpkin carving set, some leaves, fake candles, etc etc etc.

So I come home and I'm carving away...and it takes me 2 hours to make part of one pumpkin.

And it looks hideous.


I hope my bridesmaids feel like hollowing out real pumpkins 2 days before the wedding and rubbing petroleum jelly all over them.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

SpOooOooky Weather

This weather has been frightening.
rain Pictures, Images and Photos
Right now, I'm looking out my window and seeing rain mixed with SNOW.


It's October 15th.

I should be looking at spoOoOoOoktacular folliage and sipping apple cider and carving my pumpkins and wearing sweatpants and maybe a long sleeved shirt.


I'm wearing my winter jacket, because it's 32 degrees with the wind chill, drinking hot chocolate, watching my pumpkins develop frost, and wearing sweatpants and three sweatshirts and wool socks.

This is not the October I know and love.

This is January.

This is my worst nightmare...SKIPPING Fall and heading head first into WINTER.
pumpkin snow man Pictures, Images and Photos

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Nightmare on Elm Street Remake Trailer

Now, let's be honest here. MB Blog is a longtime Jason Voorhees lover/supporter. I love everything that guy does, from Camp Crystal Lake to Outer Space. So with a heavy heart, I have to admit...

The remake for A Nightmare on Elm Street looks pretty damn good.

In fact, I'll even go as far as to say it's BETTER looking than the remake for Friday the 13th.


Ouch. That hurt.

And what's even worse? It still looks awesome, despite the fact that Robert Englund isn't returning as our beloved Freddy Kreuger. Instead, it's Rorschach (Jackie Earle Haley) from Watchmen.

And it STILL looks better.

WTF Jason? What's going on with you?!??!

Now, here's why I think it's going to be superior to the Friday the 13th "Remake":

1. Freddy, despite being played by a COMPLETELY different guy, is still pretty true to form, and I'll even go as far as to say he seems scarier. Englund's Freddy had this dry sense of humor and cracked these one liners, while new Freddy seems a little more grim. Again, I'm just seeing this from the trailer.
Freddy Kreuger Pictures, Images and Photos

Above: Old Freddy

Below: New Freddy

A Nightmare on Elm. Street Pictures, Images and Photos
Way creepier.

2. The memorable scenes from the original seem to still be there... The hand coming out of the bathtub while the girl is snoozing in it:

the girl levatating off of the bed:

even the look of the house:
nightmare on elm street house Pictures, Images and Photos
...all look similar. They're classic things about the original and they are still there and done pretty tastefully from what I can see.

3. The beginning scene with the townspeople chasing Freddy and lighting up his hiding spot is pretty friggin awesome. Nice touch.

Now, here are some other things that I've been thinking about.

Kyle Gallner. I mean, is there a movie that this kid isn't in? He was in The Haunting in Connecticut...he's in Jennifer's Body...and he's in this.

This guy is everywhere!
Not like it's a bad thing...he kinda looks familiar....

And speaking of Twilight...Kellan Lutz, who stars in The Twilight Saga as Emmett Cullen, is also in the Nightmare on Elm Street Remake...just sayin'. I mean, that adds to the appeal for me!

So anyway...Get pumped for 04/30/2010...because (new) Freddy's coming for you!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pinch me!

Is it really October?!?!? Are you back already, dear friend?!

I feel like it was only yesterday that I was sniffling at how Monster Bash 2008 had ended and how I'd have to wait until next year (now) to experience the sheer joy and horror that comes with the greatest month of them all! (P.S. I just went back and read my heart wrenching poem to Halloween and got a little choked up, I'm serious.)

While I don't have the bountiful stock pile of cash I had last year to spend only on Halloween, let's make a list of things that I need to do before November 1st:

1. Get the GREATEST pumpkin ever on the pumpkin hayride - I'm going to give this a "half check" because we picked pumpkins last week as part of my super autumnal engagement fiesta, but we're going again this weekend so this is 2x the SpOOoOooOOoOky fun!

2. Carve it and love it

3. Go to Party City/Party Box/ Random Halloween stores 18 times

4. Go to Jason's Woods in Lancaster - This needs to happen!!!

5. Do something SpoOoOoOky and Awesome!

6. Finish my Costume (AMR!! WHERE ARE YOU?@?@?@)

7. Drink Cider - CHECK!

8. Pick Apples - 2x the fun this year!

So are you ready???? Are you REALLY ready?!?! Let's GO!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So Long, September!

Well, September is moving aside and letting the main attraction, October shine on through!

I have to say though, that as much as I absolutely adore October with every bit of my undead being, September is pretty freakin' awesome too.

I actually started writing this post a week or so ago, and now if I could get a little spooOoOokily sentimental for a few, I'd like to add that as of September 26th, registration for is legit! woo!

I'm in the middle of some spoOoOokified wedding planning to go together with Monster Bash/Splash 2009! What a year!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Vote for SpoOoOoOooky

Sorry, I hate to do this but...
pumpkin turning Pictures, Images and Photos**Shameless Self Promotion Time!**pumpkin turning Pictures, Images and Photos

So, I received a comment on here about a Halloween contest at, which I now love dearly, because it is an entire website based around party planning...MB Blog's favorite hobby!

Anyway, they are doing a contest for best Halloween games, and yours spooOokily, entered.

Here is my entry, for the SpoOoOoOoktacular Scavenger Hunt!


You remember how fun Monster Bashes 2007 and 2008 were with the SpoOoOoOoktacular Scavenger hunt, don't you?

(sung to the tune of "Lookin' for Love (in all the wrong places)")

Lookin' for clues in all the wrong places...

Lookin for pumpkins and at Renee's scary face(s)

Lookin for pumpkins and usin' your flashlight...

Lookin' at's face is such a fright!

Yeah!! I even wrote a song about it! VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!

P.S....Happy 1st Day of Autumn...You know what that means!!!

spinning pumpkin Pictures, Images and Photosspinning pumpkin Pictures, Images and Photosspinning pumpkin Pictures, Images and Photosspinning pumpkin Pictures, Images and Photos

Friday, September 18, 2009

SpoOOooOoOoktacular Soundtrack

I think Fall just kind of happened this year. One day, I drove past DePiero's farm in Montvale, and the "Hayrides" sign was there. That's it. That's the sign (literally and figuratively). It's here!

I like to get into the spirit by listening to some of my favorite sounds of the season....

Here are my top fave Halloween songs:

Monster M(b)ash:


The Theme from Halloween:

The Killer Klowns from Outer Space Theme (by the Dickies):

Ghostbusters Theme:

Friday the 13th (Part 3 is my fave):

Jaws Theme:

Feed My Frankenstein (Alice Cooper):

This Is Halloween (Danny Elfman):

Tubular Bells (the Exorcist):

Before Geico made it something else (Rockwell's I always feel like somebody's watching me):

Poltergeist Theme:

I'm Your Boogieman (White Zombie):

Twilight Zone Theme:

He's Back (The Man Behind the Mask) by Alice Cooper:

For an even greater list with practically every Halloween-related song ever created, head over to X-Entertainment's Halloween Jukebox!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Killing Time

You know what's freaking me out lately?
Ticking Clock Pictures, Images and Photos
How quickly time is going by. Wasn't it just yesterday that I was wearing my winter coat and it was the day after Christmas? Didn't Summer only last 2 weeks? Is my cruise really over? Is it seriously Fall right now?!?!?!? Is that a Halloween candy aisle in Shop Rite already? Did Oriental Trading just send me the Halloween catalog?

Was it really almost a year ago that my life was completely turned inside out by my new-found, undying love for Twilight?


Actually, instead...Maybe I'm going back in time, because at my age, I shouldn't love this scenario about the vampire falling in love with the girl and that movie and those books....but....

oh boy, I can't help it.

In fact, I almost threw up a little when I read Taylor Lautner's Wikipedia page and saw that he was born almost 10 years after me. Good lord.

The 14 year old in me squealed and giggled with delight last night as I watched this:

...and then I watched it again...and again....and....well, you get the idea.

Holy shit I can't wait....let's count it down!

New Moon Movie and Twilight Movie

but more importantly:

MySpace Countdowns


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Monster Bash vs. Monster Splash

So, a couple of weeks ago, while in the midst of a horrible moving situation....

A discussion arose....from the dead.

The state of Monster Bash has been...well....uncertain.

For the past 3 years, Monster Bash has been the SpoOoOoOoOkiest Halloween party on the block (Jim's room).

Now, with my impending residence change, there is really no clear idea of how Monster Bash 2009 will be.

Let's look back...

Monster Bash 2006 was birthed during an August walk in the park. It was just going to be a regular Halloween party...but became so much more....

Monster Bash 2007 was bigger and bolder than ever before. MB 2007 was the first showcase of 6'5" Jason Voorhees that I won off of ebay and the first time costumes were taken seriously. It was also the year of my best costume award for being Mr. Peanut, the pinnacle of my Halloween costume building experience.

Monster Bash 2008 was the first MB to feature a theme: Murder Circus. Also, custom invitations were made. MB 2008 blew every previous Monster Bash out of the water, not only in fun, but also in my budget.

Monster Bash 2009....

may take horror...


More on that later!

Monday, September 7, 2009

SpoOoOOoOokiest Serveware....Missing

I could kick myself.

Last year, I was glued to for all fun Halloween Serveware. I was searching all over for "Murder Circus" themed goodies, and came across the Halloween Lazy Susan:

Look at that thing. It's incredible. It has 3 magical spoOoOoOky ghosts, to hold whatever fun snack accessory you need...and then a cauldron dipping bowl in the center. The "Halloween Lazy Susan" is, in my opinion, one of the greatest seasonal serveware products I've ever laid my Halloween loving eyes on.

I needed it!!!

But at the time, it was a whopping $40....and I couldn't justify buying it....especially with shipping involved. Actually, I think Jim wouldn't let me get it. That's how I'd like to remember it...

I figured "let me wait until it goes on sale AFTER Halloween and I can use it for the rest of the year until next Halloween"

Well, sure enough after Halloween it went on sale.

I watched it like a hawk. Every week. It would go down little by little.

Finally, it said "Clearance" at $30.

Was that enough for me?


It's gotta go down lower, I thought.

Well, sure enough, a week later, the listing for it at disappeared.

No matches?!!? What do you mean? It was just there!

Well, this year, Target has added its Halloween section, so I went there to check to see if they brought an old friend back....

NOT BACK?!?!?!

Not only was this the greatest lazy susan I'd ever seen, but now it's nowhere to be found a year later?!?!? They're not even bringing it back?

I then searched ebay, and was unwilling to pay $44.98 plus shipping.

Dear Target,
Blow the dust off that clearance one, because I know nobody else bought it, and put it back online for me. I promise I'll buy it this time!!
MB Blog.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Untitled Friday the 13th Project


The 13th Film in the Friday the 13th/Jason Franchise!!
jason Pictures, Images and Photos
According to Wikipedia FAQ, the movie is set to release on August 13, 2010...which is the 28th anniversary of Part III when Jason first gets the hockey mask, and 17 years since the Jason series of films made the switch over to New Line Cinema.

Even Bloody-Disgusting is abuzz with it.

ScabbyHorror Blog has a whole thing dedicated to Friday the 13th and Jason, which I highly admire, and they speculated it back in February.

I wasn't insanely in love with the remake itself, but I am willing to give this another chance, because I love all things Voorhees.

I hope they go with the Jason X2 or Jason takes Los Angeles idea. Oh man!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


You know something, I think that I am not a teacher's best friend. I think it is mostly because I am EXCITED BEYOND ALL BELIEF that it is September!

I feel it's in the air...can you tell? Autumn is here! Sure, it's still kinda warm out, and it's not Labor Day yet which is the official end to beach season, but...we are only 1 month and 30 days away from the GREATEST holiday ever!!!

We are so close!!!
Autumn Pictures, Images and Photos
Get ready for:
-Apple Picking
-Pumpkin Mania
-Slaughterhouse Slow Cooking
-Leaves changing! FRIGHTENING FOLIAGE!
-Sweatshirt season!
and of course...
-Monster Bash Planning....right now, MB has been put into a state of "TBD" because of extenuating circumstances...will it resurrect from the "dead"?! STAY TUNED!
Changing Leaf Pictures, Images and PhotosChanging Leaf Pictures, Images and PhotosChanging Leaf Pictures, Images and PhotosChanging Leaf Pictures, Images and PhotosChanging Leaf Pictures, Images and PhotosChanging Leaf Pictures, Images and Photos