Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ebay and Friday the 13th

ebay bidding wars for halloween treasures have begun.
it's not too early. now is the best time, because nobody is really going to go all out and try to defeat you...nobody's even thinking of October 31st yet....except me....and you.

yesterday, i made a killing...no pun intended...on some spoOoOoOky props. i can't reveal what they are just yet, as that would give away the amazingness of my monster bash theme this year...but let me say, it was a great deal-terrifying even!

anyways, i was surfing the web to find the latest and greatest....and i think i've found it!

on February 13th, 2009, there will be a Friday the 13th Remake...it will be a prequel...which will depict the origins of the one and only....
Mr. Jason Voorhees.

when i first saw it on the upcoming horror movies website (a new personal fave)...i was kind of skeptical...but then i checked at IMDB.Com, because they never lie...and it's true!!! they're filming it now!

J.V. is my all-time favorite movie monster. the man has been at camp....in hell...underwater....on a cruise ship...in space (the best ever plot in this history of human beings, btw).....versing freddy (p.s. he won...i really don't care what you think)....in a log cabin....in an outhouse....on an rv....but most importantly, in our hearts.

true story: i paid an exorbitant amount of money to get a six foot tall life sized statue of jason for M.B.'07....he was so awesome and formidable that jim's 4 year old niece couldn't even handle coming up the stairs to see him. she still asks if "the man is still up there".
so get ready to mark your calendars for February 13, 2009 (which yes, i checked...is a Friday...adding to the spooky awesomeness of what will happen on that day!)
Jason...be my valentine...in hell!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Storm of the Century

First and foremost: Happy Earth Day! I know, Earth Day isn't very scary...but the effects of not doing things to save the Earth ARE scary, so there you go, I tied it together.

Now, onto the spoOoOoOokiness:

Although I'm a huge horror fan, I rarely will watch the Sci-Fi Channel. Usually it is constantly airing things that I am extremely bored by, like aliens and intergalactic travel. Well, I mean, aliens are scary...but not the kind that they have on sci-fi. They're more like robot android aliens, you know what I'm saying?

One time they showed "Cabin Fever" by Eli Roth, and I was so bored, I ended up watching it the 4 times they aired it that weekend.

But on Sunday, they had a Stephen King marathon all day. Now, Stephen King's made for TV movies usually bore me. They're very long and drawn out and there's rarely anything spooky about them. They're usually about the "end of the world" and "man's last stand" but they take so loooooong to get into the good parts that I'm usually snoozin' away.

But on Sunday, they had one on called "Storm of the Century"-it was four hours long broken up into 4 parts.

I caught it at I believe the middle of part 2 and I was HOOKED!

basically, the plot goes like this: there's this little town in Northern New England that is completely buried by this massive storm (of the century) and weird things start happening.

This mysterious man named Andre Linoge comes to the town and sparks all kinds of no good...I mean, look at him:

Oh, I forgot to mention but there's creepy little kids in it (kind of like village of the damned, but not as outwardly disturbing). The story basically centers around one family, and one character in particular-Mike Anderson. I don't want to give you all of the spoOoOoOky details, but it lines the story around good vs. evil and difficult decisions. The ending was pretty awesome, not in an action blood spurting way, but more of a "wow, this isn't a happy ending at all" type of way.
I was really surprised that this was made in 1999. Really? 9 years ago? that long ago? AND it's of coursed based on the book by S. King himself.

I'm interested in reading it, especially now that I am very scholarly and am trying to read more so that I have more to write about than just made for tv movies. I'll be adding this one to my Amazon Wishlist.
And, if you want to check the movie out and it isn't playing anytime soon, you can buy it here, wink wink hint hint to jimbo.
If you like scary storms, the feeling of hopelessness, scary children, despair, and gut-wrenching decision making, this movie is for you!
oh, and by the way: 191 days until Halloween! I'm ebaying for props, how about you?

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Great Halloween Props

I'm an avid hunter when it comes to new Halloween props. I like to be in on the latest and greatest.

Frightcatalog is showcasing their new products...and let me tell you, they're DISGUSTING.

This one is called "Death Head". It looks 100% real. If you told me this was a real head, I'd believe you.

The best props though, are "Animatronics". They move and jump and scare the crap out of you and your party. HorrorDome.com is a great site for animatronics. My personal fave is the Yeti prop. I also enjoy HauntedProps.com. both sites welcome you and talk in a spooky crypt keeper-esque tone. love it!

Animatronics are so expensive, that I probably couldn't get one for Monster Bash this year,but oh man, someday...someday...

here's some great ones!:

and of course, my personal fave:
spitting debbie...which i can't embed because i'm not allowed...but check it out! scary!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Scariest Movie Moments

I was watching Bravo a few months ago...perhaps during Halloween time...and they happened to have this show about the scariest movie moments...
100 Scariest Movie Moments (Courtesy of Bravo.com)

I thought it was pretty well done. My dad said that when he was in the army, Alien had just come out and it scared the crap out of him, and they gave Alien the runner-up position...so I think it's a fair deal. I do think that the Texas Chainsaw Massacre should've been a little higher though...just a little bit...but then again, Psycho and The Exorcist beat it out, at least they're in good company.

I dare you to go through that list and see how many you haven't seen. 100 scary movies are more than you think!

I saw all of the top 10 except for the one "Wait Until Dark", which I've never heard of. I think the one I haven't seen but am pretty interested in is "The Changeling"-it's from 1980, but I've heard rumors of a remake...
looks pretty scary!

you know what's even scarier than the 100 scariest movie moments? Ashlee Simpson being pregnant!

Sorry I had to!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Afraid of April and Scary Spring

So far, April has been a pretty scary month as far as movies are concerned.

April 4th, The Ruins came out in theaters. Now, I'm being 100% honest...we went to see Cloverfield back in January, and I saw the preview for this movie and I exclaimed to Jim "I'm seeing this!" The trailer made it look like there were worms crawling inside the one girl:

I was SOLD. I'm in. scary movie before October? absolutely.
So I waited patiently, and finally it was released for my and the rest of America's viewing pleasure.

Apparently, the movie is based on a book by the same name:

I'm not going to give it away..but basically, there's a group of college students on spring break in Mexico and they go from this:

to this:

Pretty typical right?
Well, not really...
Remember how i said there were worms growing inside of that girl?
guess what? those weren't worms...they were man eating VINES! ahhhh!! not as gross right? but this movie didn't disappoint. there were enough gross scenes to almost put Saw and Hostel to shame. Replace blood-lusty murder club members with ancient vines, and voila! the Ruins!

I'm also a huge fan of movies that allow the stars to "get dirty" so to speak. nothing makes me less interested in a horror movie if the main characters are beautiful and flawless throughout..it's not realistic enough...and clearly, this movie kept true to that...they really looked like they were trapped and losing hope on getting help:

I don't want to delve into too much detail on the movie, there were definitely a few parts that i felt a bit queasy and let out a couple "i can't believe this is happening" and "i think i'm going to barf this is so sick". I definitely recommend you spend the $10.00 and check it out and then we can discuss it together!

But...I'm leaving out something very important.

Usually, the coming attractions make me angry. they're almost always garbage movies that i look at jim and say "that looks horrible"...but this time....no way.

There was one preview that seriously made me jump out of my seat about 2 feet.

At first, it was Liv Tyler (a la "That Thing You Do!") and some dude (Is it the guy from Felicity?) smoochin and saying "you're my girl" and I was nauseous....

but then....it turned into a frightening display of horror...watch:

Tell me that didn't scare you just a little bit...especially from 00:44 - 00:52 seconds...holy crap tell me you were expecting that...I DARE YOU.

let's be honest, people in creepy masks are scary.

There was also a part that said "Inspired by True Events"...well now I'm really sold...this really happened?

So I came home and first went to the movie's official site. The site is just as scary as the trailer, by the way...and it says something about a Hoyt family, and it gives a street number, and a date: February 11, 2005.

I'm not even going to go into how tediously I searched this...and I found nothing. slightly disappointing.
I then went snooping around the IMDB.COM message boards and a lot of people are thinking that the "True events" they talk of are really in reference to the Manson murders...

I'm still giving them the benefit of the doubt though, because the trailer got me that pumped!

So, Spring is looking very frightening!

April 4th-The Ruins-GO SEE IT
April 11th -Prom Night
May 30th- The Strangers

Oh and hey, look behind you, ok?

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Don't go into the Water

Ok, While you're reading this, I'd like you to just click play below if you don't mind:

How scary is that theme song?..so obviously, we're talking about the scariest monster on EARTH - the shark. not the little baby sharks...i'm talkin' the real deal here.

I'll tell you why they're the most scary: The threat is 100% real.

Jason? Not real. he's been killed so many times it's ridiculous
Freddy? Not real. see above
Michael Myers? Not real. also see above
Leatherface? possible...but doubtful
Zombies? Nice try news article about zombie chickens...but nope!
Poltergeist?...well...you got me on that one...that could be real...

I remember vividly that feeling of being introduced to the movie JAWS for the first time...

from that moment on, i've completely convinced myself that I am going to get eaten by a shark.
and then, around that same time, Shark Week was on tv....
and this one girl was just splashing along on the shore...only in knee deep water...and BAM! eaten.

but I digress...Sharks, for me at least, are beyond TERRIFYING. not only are there more cases of shark attacks, and more sightings of sharks in shallower areas than in years past (just ask Shark Week on Discovery channel)....they really look like this:

and this:

<-----bloody teeth from eating probably a person they look vicious and pissed...and they eat flesh...and adorable little seals...and PEOPLE. And don't even try to tell me that everytime you're in the ocean...or even in a swimming pool for that matter...that you're not imagining this brushing past your leg-

coming up behind you-


And what makes them even more horrific is that the only time you will encounter them...it'll be on their turf. Sharks will ALWAYS have home-field advantage...meaning that you'll never win...not even if you get a bigger boat.

I'm almost psyching myself out of going to the beach, that's how scary they are.

So, I decided to start checking out other shark-inspired movies. I didn't realize it, but there are more than you could ever imagine.
I mean sure, we have the heavy hitters: JAWS and all of its sequels, Deep Blue Sea (which I think is mainly associated with L.L. Cool J's version of "Deepest Bluest"), Red Water (Featuring Lou Diamond Philips btw), and Open Water.

But then there were a few that I wasn't as familiar with, but interested/terrified of:
-12 Days of Terror: which is about sharks patrolling NORTHERN NEW JERSEY and killing people. It was actually based on a real life event and inspired JAWS.

-Mission of the Shark: I actually think I saw this one..and it was horrifying. this ship sinks, and the men are all sitting ducks in the ocean and are picked off by hungry sharks. another working title was "my worst nightmare when i was on the cruise".

Then there's one called "Megalodon"which is a about prehistoric type of shark that is HUGE:

See that blue thing? well, that's me. The green? that's a Great white...and guess what the red one is. yup, Megalodon. Which apparently means "Mega teeth".
Don't believe me?

Don't steal life preservers that aren't yours buddy!

But hey, sharks aren't your cup of tea and you're still hooked on zombies? there's always:
Zombi 2...which features zombie vs. shark action.

So, if you're looking to make a spOoOoOoky night without going straight for the halloween related-grab a shark movie. they're great any season...especially summer.
This Website and This Website both list all real and fictional movies about sharks.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

One, Two, Freddy's Coming For You...

Nightmare On Elm Street

I don't know. Maybe it's just me.

But everytime I watch any of the "Nightmare on Elm Street" movies...I get really tired.

Sometimes, it's me legitimately being tired...but other times...i'm really tired...for them.

I mean, come on. If I knew this guy:

was coming after me only when I slept, I'd definitely stay awake as long as I could...but...I'd be really tired. I'd also probably be really grouchy.

Actually, I KNOW i'd be really grouchy...and I'd sleep with armor. lots of it. steel armor.

Just one glimpse of:

And i'd be awake. no caffeine required.

but, of course...there were a few fools that fell asleep anyway.

I mean, Johnny, I love you...but really?

You're really going to do this?

Oh....Oh No!

Oh nooooooooo!!! Johnny!!!!

then, there was that one girl got so tired in the first one that her hair turned gray. GRAY. Now, that's being tired.

Wait!! NOOO!!! look at the walls!! the WALLS!!!

I just want to nap for them. I just want to take some nice hot cocoa...maybe some break-n-bake cookies...snuggle up under some blankets...

A Nightmare On Elm Street

Wait what? It's not real?...

OH...ok good...

I guess I was just having a nightmare...ON ELM STREET!! MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHHA

Oh and P.S.: 210 Days until Halloween!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Origins of Monster Bash

Obviously, Monster Bash is a great name for a wild and crazy Halloween party that is thrown in Jim's room on a yearly basis...

but it got me thinking....I wonder if anyone else capitalizes on such a magical and spoOoOoOoOky name (a.k.a. what thieves out there are stealing my awesome party name?)

well, trust me, there's a LOT.

this site uses Monster Bash in the most literal way possible-it's a computer game where you bash the monsters. the music is strangely addictive and enjoyable...i actually played it for 10 minutes after initially thinking "this is stupid".

this site refers to M.B. as a convention for horror movie classics. i must say, the art work is impressive and they even link to hotels in the area of the convention as "bash hotels". nice touch.

Monster Bash is also featured in Wikipedia...and strangely enough...not for the party at Jim's...but for some weird game I've never heard of until right now.

Then, there's about 6 sites that discuss Monster Bash, the pinball game. it actually sounds kind of fun, and i'm saddened that i've never seen one in my life.

And then, of course...i knew it was coming. some guy named joe Digi in boston, celebrated his 5th annual monster bash party. but, unlike being in someone's room...it was in a bar. what can i say? that's like comparing apples to oranges. but i will say this...he probably didn't have an awesome eyeball pinata or spoOoOoOky scavenger hunt...so there! gloves are off!

I guess I can leave you with this: the name may not be so unique...but i can guarantee you that every year, monster bash in jim's room is the most awesome, most wild, most fun party you'll ever attend in your life. take that! pinball, video game, convention, and joe digi!