Monday, April 7, 2008

Afraid of April and Scary Spring

So far, April has been a pretty scary month as far as movies are concerned.

April 4th, The Ruins came out in theaters. Now, I'm being 100% honest...we went to see Cloverfield back in January, and I saw the preview for this movie and I exclaimed to Jim "I'm seeing this!" The trailer made it look like there were worms crawling inside the one girl:

I was SOLD. I'm in. scary movie before October? absolutely.
So I waited patiently, and finally it was released for my and the rest of America's viewing pleasure.

Apparently, the movie is based on a book by the same name:

I'm not going to give it away..but basically, there's a group of college students on spring break in Mexico and they go from this:

to this:

Pretty typical right?
Well, not really...
Remember how i said there were worms growing inside of that girl?
guess what? those weren't worms...they were man eating VINES! ahhhh!! not as gross right? but this movie didn't disappoint. there were enough gross scenes to almost put Saw and Hostel to shame. Replace blood-lusty murder club members with ancient vines, and voila! the Ruins!

I'm also a huge fan of movies that allow the stars to "get dirty" so to speak. nothing makes me less interested in a horror movie if the main characters are beautiful and flawless's not realistic enough...and clearly, this movie kept true to that...they really looked like they were trapped and losing hope on getting help:

I don't want to delve into too much detail on the movie, there were definitely a few parts that i felt a bit queasy and let out a couple "i can't believe this is happening" and "i think i'm going to barf this is so sick". I definitely recommend you spend the $10.00 and check it out and then we can discuss it together!

But...I'm leaving out something very important.

Usually, the coming attractions make me angry. they're almost always garbage movies that i look at jim and say "that looks horrible"...but this way.

There was one preview that seriously made me jump out of my seat about 2 feet.

At first, it was Liv Tyler (a la "That Thing You Do!") and some dude (Is it the guy from Felicity?) smoochin and saying "you're my girl" and I was nauseous....

but turned into a frightening display of

Tell me that didn't scare you just a little bit...especially from 00:44 - 00:52 seconds...holy crap tell me you were expecting that...I DARE YOU.

let's be honest, people in creepy masks are scary.

There was also a part that said "Inspired by True Events"...well now I'm really sold...this really happened?

So I came home and first went to the movie's official site. The site is just as scary as the trailer, by the way...and it says something about a Hoyt family, and it gives a street number, and a date: February 11, 2005.

I'm not even going to go into how tediously I searched this...and I found nothing. slightly disappointing.
I then went snooping around the IMDB.COM message boards and a lot of people are thinking that the "True events" they talk of are really in reference to the Manson murders...

I'm still giving them the benefit of the doubt though, because the trailer got me that pumped!

So, Spring is looking very frightening!

April 4th-The Ruins-GO SEE IT
April 11th -Prom Night
May 30th- The Strangers

Oh and hey, look behind you, ok?


Jim said...

I have a lot to say about this...

I'll take a guy with a bag on his head over man-eating vines any day. Guy with a bag on his head wins every time.

I thought it when I first saw the trailer and now again after I watched it again...when Liv Tyler says her boyfriend's/husband's name: Jimmy......I immediately think: That Thing You Do

Looks awesome.

Oh and of course,
R.I.P Heston

Monster Bash said...


i guess i see what you mean about guy with bag on his head. that bag is especially scary. but he's at least slightly more defeatable than man-eating vines...

i think it's open to debate.

sorry about heston-i'm sure he'll be looking down at you wearing that sombrero on may 3rd and repeating "damn dirty apes" over and over again