Saturday, April 19, 2008

Great Halloween Props

I'm an avid hunter when it comes to new Halloween props. I like to be in on the latest and greatest.

Frightcatalog is showcasing their new products...and let me tell you, they're DISGUSTING.

This one is called "Death Head". It looks 100% real. If you told me this was a real head, I'd believe you.

The best props though, are "Animatronics". They move and jump and scare the crap out of you and your party. is a great site for animatronics. My personal fave is the Yeti prop. I also enjoy both sites welcome you and talk in a spooky crypt keeper-esque tone. love it!

Animatronics are so expensive, that I probably couldn't get one for Monster Bash this year,but oh man, someday...someday...

here's some great ones!:

and of course, my personal fave:
spitting debbie...which i can't embed because i'm not allowed...but check it out! scary!


Jim said...

These things are DEAF-ININGLY LOUD

I like the one where the woman jumps out at you...and spitting debbie of course

Monster Bash said...

yeah, but it's spooky-loudness,not like a truck driving it evens out.

I'll try that! said...

If i had a million dollars...