Sunday, February 20, 2011


Jim and I were trying to find a good movie to watch the other night, and somehow, we stumbled on Pin.

Man, I am so glad we did.

After reading one single phrase in the synopsis: "life-sized anatomically correct medical dummy"; I knew this was a winner.

Here's the trailer:

5 minutes in to this movie, and here's Pin:

Tell me that isn't the most disturbing dummy you've ever seen in your life.  He looks like you've just interrupted him in the middle of him telling an important story.  I mean, he kind of looks pissed.

But pair the way he looks with the way the doctor makes him have pure movie gold:

Skip to 6:34, that's when Pin talks....I have nightmares of that voice.

Basically, Pin is considered a type of story similar to Psycho, and I can definitely see the similarities, but this movie is frightening, disturbing and sad all at the same time.  There's so much going on and all of it makes me uncomfortable:

1.  Leon and Ursula's relationship.  They are brother-sister, but the whole movie has me thinking that Leon wants to get with Ursula.
2.  Leon and Pin's "relationship".  I feel sorry for Leon, especially at the end.
3.  The parents' storyline in the movie.  They are almost like Stepford people.  The mother is a crazy obsessive compulsive who is obsessed with cleaning everything and is pretty much a psycho.  The father I guess the most normal, but I think his vantriloquist doctor act is creepy.
4.  Poor Ursula.  This girl never had a chance, although despite how horrible her life is and how crazy everyone else is, she seems to turn out the most normal?
5.  The Nurse and Pin. Yikes.
6.  The scene when Ursula finds out she's pregnant.  Oh god.

There's so much material here.  You need to see this movie if you like bizarre films that are frightening in a non-gory way.

I will leave you with this though:

Doesn't he kind of look like one of the Baldwins?

I dunno, maybe it's just me?

Friday, February 11, 2011

Monster Bash 2010 (the Lite Edition!)

After the massive explosions that were Monster Bashes 2007 and 2008, I find it a little embarrassing that Monster Bash 2010 wasn't so big. Granted, I really didn't have the time and money to put into MB 2010 as I did for the other two, but still, if it has the title of "Monster Bash", it should be spOoOoOOooOktacular!

But, despite all of the roadblocks, we managed to throw together a "lite" bash, and you know what? It was still pretty spoOoOoooOooOktacular!

Can you guess what I am?  I'm a skeleton, with a hat and whip....give up?  Indiana Bones!

Indiana Bones poses with Jason, who is holding the coveted best costume prize

Santa Cos and Luigi show up

Monster Bash Brownies

Eyeball Caprese

zombie Pete won the best prize award

Monster Bash Pumpkin Cake

Pastry Princess and....Sherman from The Wiz

Pumpkin carving results from the Monster Dash

Zombie Pete wrapping Q-tip Renee during the Monster Dash Mummy Wrap

Pastry Princess v. Luigi during Monster Dash

Not too shabby for a last-minute bash!

2011 planning started 9 months in advance so we're in great shape for this year's to blow your faces off!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Candy Buffet

Since it's only fair that we start off on the right foot, I figured I'd give you a little insight into why M.B. Blog has been so quiet over this past year...

The reason is this: The Candy Buffet.

Oh man. This Candy Buffet. It should've been one small aspect of my wedding, but unfortunately it took on a life of its own, surpassing every other portion of our wedding day.

It was an homage to the trick-or-treater in all of us...and since we're such spoOoOoOooOky friends, I wanted to share a few pics of my pride and joy:

These were our escort cards attached to chocolate pumpkin lollipops, this was a sneak preview of all of the candy to come...

This is a nice front view of the entire buffet, my aunt had made homemade chocolates, including a completely chocolate bride and groom, front and center, as a surprise to us

My LOVE dishes, filled with candy corn

A nice side view, I can't get enough orange in my life

The amazing Catherine from For Your Event Planning and NJ Candy Buffets, brought all of my candy buffet dreams to life, including spending probably a massive amount of time separating Reese's Pieces and M&Ms by color for me

Pumpkin jar!

These were my fave: Raspberry filled chocolate pumpkins wrapped in orange foils (made by my Aunt Wendy!)

Chocolate covered krispie treats with sugar leaves on top

Chocolate covered oreos with orange chocolate drizzle, and some with sugar pumpkins on top

Special thanks to  Catherine at For Your Event Planning and NJ Candy Buffets for working with me on this and making it the most spectacular, amazing candy buffet ever!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Pet Heaven.

Did you beloved MB Blog readers see that poll over on the right hand side of your screen?  MB Blog wants to know what YOU want to see as this year's Monster Bash theme!  I'm not saying it'll definitely be one of those, as I already have a few spooOOoOoOoky ideas up my sleeve, but I am always open to new options.

When we were discussing MB'11, Jim brought up a theme that he has been campaigning for since the birth of Monster Bash, back in Saddle Brook park on a frighteningly beautiful August day in 2006.

And that idea is this:  Pet Heaven.

Much like you, my initial thought was "what on Earth is wrong with you?", but then, as I thought about it, depending on how you do it, it can be quite frightening...I guess.  Jim, I'm really trying here.

Jim's idea of "Pet Heaven" is probably more along the lines of having a bunch of stuffed animals and filling the condo with the fluff that fills pillows and then maybe harp music?

Oh wait, he just told me he wants to attach a stuffed cat to a "pulley" apparatus and every hour, "send the pet to heaven" by utilizing the pulley to raise the cat up...what a creep.

Personally, I think this is just insane, but if I were to humor him, I'd probably negotiate for mutilating the stuffed toys, putting fake blood on the fluff, and maybe have scary organ music.  Jim however doesn't like this and says that isn't pet "heaven" but more like "animal cruelty", which of course is not something Monster Bash wants to have.

Jim just said to hang a cloud in the corner of our living room and have a stuffed cat sitting on it looking at you.

Guys, I don't know, what do you think? 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

It's Baaaaaaaaaaack!

Welp, What can we say? Monster Bash has been on a bit of a horror hiatus for the past year. But I can promise you that it has been worth the wait...

Despite my lack of posts, Monster Bash 2010 did happen! We called it "Monster Bash lite" because it wasn't quite as meticulously planned as my other M.B.'s have been, but it was spoOoOooOktacular! I will be posting a little blog about that soon, because my costume was pretty horrendous!

I've also been watching many horror movies because with all of this snow, I've had a lot of time on my hands, so get ready for some repulsive reviews (and probably spoilers, for you spoiler-haters out there who like to call me out on my spoiler tendencies, I'm warning you now.)

But most importantly, I wanted to come on here and announce that today, February 6th, 2011...which most people are focusing on it as being Super Bowl Sunday...has officially become the day that I have begun my tireless work on planning Monster Bash 2011: the 5th annual Monster Bash!!

Trust me, this bash is going to REALLY be the "Bash to End All Bashes"

Get pumped!