Thursday, March 27, 2008

2008 top costume preview

i'm already planning my costume for this year....are you?

let's take a trip down memory lane...

The best costume of my childhood...not even arguable...was when i was in first or second grade...i was...ready for this nintendo nerds?

SUPER MARIO. yes...i am female...and yes, i am proud to say i donned red ski overalls...a fake moustache....and a hat with a big M on it...and then i sipped fruit punch out of a mario thermos. life was awesome.
then of course...i can't remember any of my other ones...i think i was molly from the american girl dolls one year and i won a prize in the town halloween friend heather was dr. giggles...

i even dressed as my dad one year...

ok, now for ones i can research and remember...kinda:

Halloween 2002:
i was really, really lame....and as a poor college student who loved things like "being gangsta" and "money cash"...i wore a dollar-bill designed bandanna and ghost earrings. i win the spud award for that one...but, i was one of the rare few college sophomores wearing some sort of go me!

Halloween 2003:
with the impending arrival of "having my wisdom teeth removed" i was saddened that halloween was slightly being overshadowed....i also had a little class called "ecology" and i wore a long black wig that i proceeded to make my balding teachers as well as other faculty wear. good times were had by all...hence the magic of halloween.

Halloween 2004:
hmm...kind of a blur...i think i was also very lame on this one as well...i didn't go all out like i now do...shame on me

now for the fun

Halloween 2006:
the first year of Monster Bash.
Jim and i did a couple's costume of "Jar of Mustard" and "Owl".

It was a valient first effort.

Halloween 2007:
I find this to be my shining moment as an adult.

i was the infamous and deliciously salty Mr. Peanut, fully equipped with top hat, cane (which broke on the spoooooky pinata), and monocle. not to mention, the costume was hand made.

and i won the coveted "best costume" award. no, it wasn't fixed.

but now, this year...i need to go above and beyond. i can't rest on my laurels!

i need to know...

What are the best up and coming costume ideas for 2008?
someone made a blog that depicts their idea of the best costumes for '08. Their feel is that it's going to be a movie-themed year...

this website lists the 9 worst costume ideas ever...i have to agree with them on most...however, i think bumblebee is a great costume idea and it was actually one of my top choices for this year.

still stumped?

i'm here to help-

first of all...if you're a lady going to an awesome monster-bash'esque halloween party...

and you're thinking of going as this:


try this instead:

if you're a guy lookin for a cool costume...DON'T CHOOSE THESE:

pimp and beer keg are so'll definitely hear some boo's..and they won't be the scary kind...

try going as this instead:

or, if you're going as a couples theme....

please...please please please..avoid this at all costs:

perhaps this would be more up your alley and less vulgar...wait....first look at that guy's face up there at the lock and key picture...i actually thought that was mario lopez for a good 5 minutes...:

Still stuck? go here and make, buy, or rent the right costume for you! Hey, Halloween is only 216 days away! get crackin'!


I'll try that! said...

I cannot help but point out how unexpected a slutty nurse or promiscuous french maid costume would be for you... or you mate.

You should be Hugh Hefner, and he should be Steve Urkel. Ha! You thought I was going to say a bimbo, didn't you. You were wrong.

I am yet to dress up for halloween with my current appearence, so I am still holding on to the idea of Zombie Jesus wrapped in the Shroud of Turin. Ya know? Like a mummy?

This is just an idea that came to me the other day since halloween is weekend bound for the next few. How awesome would a huge zombie parade be. Imagine 500 people dressed like zombies walking down the street. I realize this would attract part pooping hoodlums but, now-a-days what doesn't. I bet Improve Everywhere would get involved with it somehow.

BTW- I thought it was Mario Lopez too. I thought he was trying to take off invisible glasses.

Boudicca said...

I still have fond memories of the one Halloween I was very pregnant and wore a nun costume ;)

Jim said...

Please stop giving away my secrets....namely my Ghostbusters costume.

Mario Lopez is too busy hosting Dance Crew to pose for Halloween ads.

Monster Bash said...

I'll try that:
I think Zombie Jesus would be so perfect for your current appearance..or "Hank" from the wii mii's

I did see the hugh hefner costume, and i was kind of disappointed how un-like Hugh the guy modeling it looked. jim being steve urkel would be so good.

i give you extra points for actually BEING pregnant!

definitely mario lopez

I'll try that! said...

I just cam across a "terror"ific website you might be in"terror"ested in:

Silla_Sophia_Sangria said...

so i must say that as cool as you're costumes are, my favorite is the lock and key couples costume, well because that girl looks like Tori Spelling. haha! last year i went as a peacock, which i made myself! the year before that i went as the corpse bride, another fun favorite that was hand made!

but as a child one year i went as a lady bug and my mom made my shell out of paper mache (sp ??). and then i think i was sailor jupiter, and then every year after that i was a princess. apparently i had a fondness for princesses.

Monster Bash said...

haha who'd have thought that tori and mario had their starts posing as a lock and key! i think i'd appreciate the costume if good ol' mario wasn't posing like that.

seriously..peacock costume is amazing! and i give you major points for making it yourself