Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So Long, September!

Well, September is moving aside and letting the main attraction, October shine on through!

I have to say though, that as much as I absolutely adore October with every bit of my undead being, September is pretty freakin' awesome too.

I actually started writing this post a week or so ago, and now if I could get a little spooOoOokily sentimental for a few, I'd like to add that as of September 26th, registration for is legit! woo!

I'm in the middle of some spoOoOokified wedding planning to go together with Monster Bash/Splash 2009! What a year!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Vote for SpoOoOoOooky

Sorry, I hate to do this but...
pumpkin turning Pictures, Images and Photos**Shameless Self Promotion Time!**pumpkin turning Pictures, Images and Photos

So, I received a comment on here about a Halloween contest at, which I now love dearly, because it is an entire website based around party planning...MB Blog's favorite hobby!

Anyway, they are doing a contest for best Halloween games, and yours spooOokily, entered.

Here is my entry, for the SpoOoOoOoktacular Scavenger Hunt!


You remember how fun Monster Bashes 2007 and 2008 were with the SpoOoOoOoktacular Scavenger hunt, don't you?

(sung to the tune of "Lookin' for Love (in all the wrong places)")

Lookin' for clues in all the wrong places...

Lookin for pumpkins and at Renee's scary face(s)

Lookin for pumpkins and usin' your flashlight...

Lookin' at's face is such a fright!

Yeah!! I even wrote a song about it! VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!

P.S....Happy 1st Day of Autumn...You know what that means!!!

spinning pumpkin Pictures, Images and Photosspinning pumpkin Pictures, Images and Photosspinning pumpkin Pictures, Images and Photosspinning pumpkin Pictures, Images and Photos

Friday, September 18, 2009

SpoOOooOoOoktacular Soundtrack

I think Fall just kind of happened this year. One day, I drove past DePiero's farm in Montvale, and the "Hayrides" sign was there. That's it. That's the sign (literally and figuratively). It's here!

I like to get into the spirit by listening to some of my favorite sounds of the season....

Here are my top fave Halloween songs:

Monster M(b)ash:


The Theme from Halloween:

The Killer Klowns from Outer Space Theme (by the Dickies):

Ghostbusters Theme:

Friday the 13th (Part 3 is my fave):

Jaws Theme:

Feed My Frankenstein (Alice Cooper):

This Is Halloween (Danny Elfman):

Tubular Bells (the Exorcist):

Before Geico made it something else (Rockwell's I always feel like somebody's watching me):

Poltergeist Theme:

I'm Your Boogieman (White Zombie):

Twilight Zone Theme:

He's Back (The Man Behind the Mask) by Alice Cooper:

For an even greater list with practically every Halloween-related song ever created, head over to X-Entertainment's Halloween Jukebox!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Killing Time

You know what's freaking me out lately?
Ticking Clock Pictures, Images and Photos
How quickly time is going by. Wasn't it just yesterday that I was wearing my winter coat and it was the day after Christmas? Didn't Summer only last 2 weeks? Is my cruise really over? Is it seriously Fall right now?!?!?!? Is that a Halloween candy aisle in Shop Rite already? Did Oriental Trading just send me the Halloween catalog?

Was it really almost a year ago that my life was completely turned inside out by my new-found, undying love for Twilight?


Actually, instead...Maybe I'm going back in time, because at my age, I shouldn't love this scenario about the vampire falling in love with the girl and that movie and those books....but....

oh boy, I can't help it.

In fact, I almost threw up a little when I read Taylor Lautner's Wikipedia page and saw that he was born almost 10 years after me. Good lord.

The 14 year old in me squealed and giggled with delight last night as I watched this:

...and then I watched it again...and again....and....well, you get the idea.

Holy shit I can't wait....let's count it down!

New Moon Movie and Twilight Movie

but more importantly:

MySpace Countdowns


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Monster Bash vs. Monster Splash

So, a couple of weeks ago, while in the midst of a horrible moving situation....

A discussion arose....from the dead.

The state of Monster Bash has been...well....uncertain.

For the past 3 years, Monster Bash has been the SpoOoOoOoOkiest Halloween party on the block (Jim's room).

Now, with my impending residence change, there is really no clear idea of how Monster Bash 2009 will be.

Let's look back...

Monster Bash 2006 was birthed during an August walk in the park. It was just going to be a regular Halloween party...but became so much more....

Monster Bash 2007 was bigger and bolder than ever before. MB 2007 was the first showcase of 6'5" Jason Voorhees that I won off of ebay and the first time costumes were taken seriously. It was also the year of my best costume award for being Mr. Peanut, the pinnacle of my Halloween costume building experience.

Monster Bash 2008 was the first MB to feature a theme: Murder Circus. Also, custom invitations were made. MB 2008 blew every previous Monster Bash out of the water, not only in fun, but also in my budget.

Monster Bash 2009....

may take horror...


More on that later!

Monday, September 7, 2009

SpoOoOOoOokiest Serveware....Missing

I could kick myself.

Last year, I was glued to for all fun Halloween Serveware. I was searching all over for "Murder Circus" themed goodies, and came across the Halloween Lazy Susan:

Look at that thing. It's incredible. It has 3 magical spoOoOoOky ghosts, to hold whatever fun snack accessory you need...and then a cauldron dipping bowl in the center. The "Halloween Lazy Susan" is, in my opinion, one of the greatest seasonal serveware products I've ever laid my Halloween loving eyes on.

I needed it!!!

But at the time, it was a whopping $40....and I couldn't justify buying it....especially with shipping involved. Actually, I think Jim wouldn't let me get it. That's how I'd like to remember it...

I figured "let me wait until it goes on sale AFTER Halloween and I can use it for the rest of the year until next Halloween"

Well, sure enough after Halloween it went on sale.

I watched it like a hawk. Every week. It would go down little by little.

Finally, it said "Clearance" at $30.

Was that enough for me?


It's gotta go down lower, I thought.

Well, sure enough, a week later, the listing for it at disappeared.

No matches?!!? What do you mean? It was just there!

Well, this year, Target has added its Halloween section, so I went there to check to see if they brought an old friend back....

NOT BACK?!?!?!

Not only was this the greatest lazy susan I'd ever seen, but now it's nowhere to be found a year later?!?!? They're not even bringing it back?

I then searched ebay, and was unwilling to pay $44.98 plus shipping.

Dear Target,
Blow the dust off that clearance one, because I know nobody else bought it, and put it back online for me. I promise I'll buy it this time!!
MB Blog.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Untitled Friday the 13th Project


The 13th Film in the Friday the 13th/Jason Franchise!!
jason Pictures, Images and Photos
According to Wikipedia FAQ, the movie is set to release on August 13, 2010...which is the 28th anniversary of Part III when Jason first gets the hockey mask, and 17 years since the Jason series of films made the switch over to New Line Cinema.

Even Bloody-Disgusting is abuzz with it.

ScabbyHorror Blog has a whole thing dedicated to Friday the 13th and Jason, which I highly admire, and they speculated it back in February.

I wasn't insanely in love with the remake itself, but I am willing to give this another chance, because I love all things Voorhees.

I hope they go with the Jason X2 or Jason takes Los Angeles idea. Oh man!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


You know something, I think that I am not a teacher's best friend. I think it is mostly because I am EXCITED BEYOND ALL BELIEF that it is September!

I feel it's in the air...can you tell? Autumn is here! Sure, it's still kinda warm out, and it's not Labor Day yet which is the official end to beach season, but...we are only 1 month and 30 days away from the GREATEST holiday ever!!!

We are so close!!!
Autumn Pictures, Images and Photos
Get ready for:
-Apple Picking
-Pumpkin Mania
-Slaughterhouse Slow Cooking
-Leaves changing! FRIGHTENING FOLIAGE!
-Sweatshirt season!
and of course...
-Monster Bash Planning....right now, MB has been put into a state of "TBD" because of extenuating circumstances...will it resurrect from the "dead"?! STAY TUNED!
Changing Leaf Pictures, Images and PhotosChanging Leaf Pictures, Images and PhotosChanging Leaf Pictures, Images and PhotosChanging Leaf Pictures, Images and PhotosChanging Leaf Pictures, Images and PhotosChanging Leaf Pictures, Images and Photos