Monday, April 14, 2008

Scariest Movie Moments

I was watching Bravo a few months ago...perhaps during Halloween time...and they happened to have this show about the scariest movie moments...
100 Scariest Movie Moments (Courtesy of

I thought it was pretty well done. My dad said that when he was in the army, Alien had just come out and it scared the crap out of him, and they gave Alien the runner-up I think it's a fair deal. I do think that the Texas Chainsaw Massacre should've been a little higher though...just a little bit...but then again, Psycho and The Exorcist beat it out, at least they're in good company.

I dare you to go through that list and see how many you haven't seen. 100 scary movies are more than you think!

I saw all of the top 10 except for the one "Wait Until Dark", which I've never heard of. I think the one I haven't seen but am pretty interested in is "The Changeling"-it's from 1980, but I've heard rumors of a remake...
looks pretty scary!

you know what's even scarier than the 100 scariest movie moments? Ashlee Simpson being pregnant!

Sorry I had to!


Silla_Sophia_Sangria said...

you know... i'm going to have to agree on the whole Ashlee Simpson breeding thing. i heard an interview and she was talking about said new tattoo of a peony... only she pronounced it as "pee-oh-nie" rather than how it's actually pronounced, if that does any justice. haha. i have a theory that the only reason Pete Wentz wants to date/marry her is because she's famous and rich and my theory for the reason she only wants to date/marry Pete is because she wants to be more edgy when really she's more like a scene-gwen stefani-wannabe. hahaha!

Monster Bash said...

hahah i totally agree-ashlee wants to be punk rawk so badly