Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It Begins...Again.

The countdown is on...(p.s. it's actually been on...did you scroll to the bottom of the page and admire my awesome countdown? It' s been there since November 1st, 2008...where have you been?)

I have been locked away in my spoOoOOoOooOoOkified lair for days now thinking about Monster Bash 2009. I seem to have a routine of taking about 4 months off after Monster Bash of the previous year, and beginning my brainstorming / planning / creating the invitations /negotiating with Jim in March; then I "let it rest" officially, but continue my own research and planning beneath the radar until August; and then I do the "final touches" (ordering last minute supplies, sketches, costume fittings, etc), if you will, before the actual preparation and decorating starts in mid-to-late September.

I know this all sounds strange to you mortal souls, however, hear me out. This formula works, especially since I take my Monster Bashes very seriously, and so should you!

First and foremost, planning a massive event like Monster Bash takes time...more than a month or two, especially if you're doing elaborate decor. Last year, we went with a theme (Murder Circus) and I was so glad I started in March 2008 because I was working down to the wire to make Jim's room into a Big Top from Hell:

This year, the decor of Monster Bash 2009 is going to be the biggest yet, so I need to get started ASAP.

Second, the prices for Halloween props right now are incredible. Sure, you have to search just a little bit harder, but saving a significant amount of cold cash is worth the hunt. I get everything I need early, and then I can add to what I already have if necessary as the date approaches.

Third, digging out the props you bought 6 months ago is like a new surprise! I forget about 65% of what I buy from March to August, so when Jim and I break out everything, it's like I've been given special Halloween gifts to hang up in his room. I mean, I bought them, but I forgot about it.
Fourth, you've got alot going on. Not only are you planning and crafting your amazing costume, you're also decorating for the most insanely popular party of all time. Of course it's alot to take on. So starting in March allows you ample time to do little by little.

So, it's March 10th. Jim and I brainstormed on Saturday the 7th and came up with our decor and some of the major details. I'm right on track as far as I'm concerned. Now, I'm doing some online research, ordering small items that can easily be stored, and finding great deals. Soon I'll make sketches of the room, and begin delving into my costume.

This year, I'm at a disadvantage, because I have few ideas on what I want to be this year. Penguin mailman? Maybe.

And so, here's to another successful Monster Bash pre-planning season! Consider it the "spring training" of Halloween!


Jim said...

It doesn't seem to me that you take any "time off" from MB. It's a constant conversation about fake blood and penguin mailmen.

Monster Bash Blog said...

You're right, Jim. I personally never take time "off" from Halloween or Monster Bash, I am just not actively planning or buying anything from November until around now. I'll always discuss penguin mailmen with you.