Sunday, March 22, 2009

Resurrected from the Vault: Creepshow 2

Creepshow 2:

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It was one of those horror movies that when I watch it, it brings back so many memories. My friends and I used to watch it religiously. We love love LOVED the 2nd story in it, and I probably memorized everything about it.

So one night on Encore, it was on and I couldn't help but to watch it, for nostalgia's sake.

I had almost completely forgotten it, and yet, I made Jim stay up and watch it with me.

First and foremost, Stephen King, Tom Savini, and George A. Romero all contributed to, and/or were in this film. I never realized that. Wow.

The movie follows this real/cartoon kid as he is enjoying the latest installment of the Creepshow comic. It details 3 separate tales:

1. "Old Chief Wood'n Head"

This one is probably my, and I guess everyone elses' (according to reviewers), least favorite. Basically, these two old people own a general store in the middle of some sort of Indian reservation. They have a good rapport, but one greedy guy, Sam:
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thinks he's heading for Hollywood with his "hair" and kills the old couple while robbing their store. The creepy looking wooden Indian chief that they pan to every now and then, comes to life, and kills off Sam and his cronies, and in the end, is holding Sam's precious hair in his wooden grip. Boring. I still kind of think the guy playing Sam is Duane "The Rock" Johnson.
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2. "The Raft"
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The Raft was actually originally a short story written by Stephen King. While it was changed slightly for the film (George A. Romero wrote the screenplay), the basic idea of the story is the same. 4 college students (2 boys and 2 girls) decide to go out to this lake in the middle of Autumn and swim out to a raft in the middle of it. There's some sort of creature in the water that looks like a pool tarp that eats them, one by one. The best is Deke's death scene:

The characters keep saying it's an "oil slick" but it almost looks like a tar when it eats them:
Creepshow 2 screenshott Pictures, Images and Photos
This was my and my friends' favorite segment of Creepshow 2 when I was younger. The teens in this could have easily been in a Friday the 13th movie.
Creepshow Pictures, Images and Photos

sorry, this was just too good to not put here.

3. "The Hitch-Hiker"
This has become my new favorite of the three. Basically, this story is about a woman who is a real shady character. She is cheating on her lawyer husband with a male...hooker? and she is driving home talking to herself. She hits a guy who is hitch hiking and begins to get multiple visits from him as she constantly is trying to destroy him,and he just wants to thank her...repeatedly...for the ride (sarcasm from the undead corpse, I know)
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This could have been renamed "Thanks for the ride, lady"
thanks for the ride lady Pictures, Images and Photos
(hahaha thanks to photobucket)
and I would have loved it even more. This one is so over the top and ridiculous, you have to see it. This guy gets mutilated to almost looking like a robot at the end
Thanks for the ride, lady Pictures, Images and Photos
I searched "Thanks for the ride lady" and all of these pictures came up, by the way. Even YTMND.COM made a video for this.

This movie is so great. If you haven't seen it yet, I suggest you run out and get it...get it used if you have to....and skip Old Chief Wood'n Head, because the last two are the greatest.


Jim said...

Having never seen Creepshow 2, our viewing together provided real insight into the world of oil slicks and male hookers.

Maria Phelps said...

is this post about Shah?

Monster Bash Blog said...

Wow Maria, you really think about him alot don't you? I'll let him know you're missing him like he's missing you. Showcats.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the ride, lady!