Wednesday, March 25, 2009

2009 Halloween Costume Preview

I realized that last March, I did a 2008 costume preview, so I figured that March seems like a perfect month to start planning your amazingly spooOoOoOoOoktacular costume for this year!

Extreme Halloween blog, whom I referred to last year for the latest up-and-coming for 2008, already has their top picks for 2009. In fact, they posted the beginnings of them in January. I love them. This year, they even have a poll where you pick the most anticipated costume of the year. Brilliant! It seems that they are predicting that the groOoOoOoovy spoOoOoky retro costumes, as usual, will be popular. I'm personally tired of them, but hey, that's just me. As for movies, Extreme Halloween blog predicts:

Harry Potter
G.I. Joe
Hannah Montana

Star Trek
Star Wars

Wizards of Waverly Place

As top movie costume ideas for this year.

Since I'm never satisfied with one opinion, I went to my pals at to see their ideas.
For men, they suggest the "usuals" (nerds, super heroes, Ryu from Street Fighter)...but then they threw in an outlier...

Golden Buddha. This thing is the creepiest costume I've ever seen in my life.

As for women, suggests the usual..."vixen pirate" and "50's girl" and "flapper"...boOoOOooOoring. also has a category called "Top Colleges Halloween Costumes"...and my oh my...hide your college students, because these costumes are HORRENDOUS.

This one is called "Longuini and Meatballs". Ugh.

This one is..."The Shocker". Is this what college means to

And this one, the least awful...the only one I would the Taco. If they didn't have this one, I'd have condemned the entire site.

As usual, has the standards...

Goosh pants (whatever goosh's gross...I searched "what are goosh pants?" on google, and just got a bunch of links to buy the costume. Nobody has a set definition, I guess.):

P.S. I love the way they have the guy he's proud, and yet, he's still kind of embarassed by the "goosh".

The "Fart-o-meter" (If you did this one home made, you'd be my hero):

In all honesty...why would you dress like this though? My main question would be "does the dial move?" Because if not...then it's totally not worth it.

Then, there's "The Birds" (from Alfred Hitchcock):

The Birds one is actually decent. Just make sure you're at a party where people know what that is. Otherwise they may think you're Jessica Simpson being attacked for having cookie crumbs on you...or something like that.

And of course, because Napoleon Dynamite will never die...they have this one...called "Instant Rapper":

here's the riveting description:
Girls only want boyfriends who have great COSTUME skills!
Made exclusively for this costume kit guarantees you'll get your lady! Includes du-rag, moustache, and eagle necklace. You add a jacket (not included) and the new attitude! Get two of your friends to be Pedro (18695) and Napoleon (18849).
This is an officially licensed Napoleon Dynamite™ product

Really? Well, I guess that's kind of true. I only date hunks with real COSTUME skillz.

Moving along, I then travelled over to my pals, to check out the new masks, wigs, and whatnot for this year's horrorfest. My personal favorite is "Blurp Charlie Skull Mask":

Also, I don't know if you may have noticed, but there were an awful lot of clown props here. Could they have caught wind to my theme last year and be hopping aboard the Murder Circus? Unfortunately, if you're into getting something from Halloween31, you have to wait for these awesome masks until around August, but by the looks of them, they are worth the wait!

After there, I stopped by the Halloween Adventure blog. Halloween Adventure is a chain of stores that come around seasonally. We generally tend to have about 3-5 in the radius that I shop in during the season. What's great about their blog is that they tag the costume categories, so it's much easier to look around.

Well, I think I've done some decent research. As always, hippies, trailer trash, 50's guys and dolls, and movie characters are always top of the pops.

I've been doing some deep thinking about my costume for this year, and I must admit, it's been my toughest year to date, I am not having an easy time picking my spoOoOoOoktacular costume for this year's Monster Bash. But I will say, the overall decor has been chosen and sketches and minor purchases are being made now. I know I say this every year, but Monster Bash 2009 will be the best one yet! So start getting those costumes together, guys and ghouls!


Jim said...

I love/hate the Fart-O-Meter guy

I think the taco is the best one.

That would be perfect for Chimpo De Mayo II

Anthony said...

taco is definitely key. i might do that this year. although it looks like peeing might be a challenge.

Monster Bash Blog said...

Jim, I totally agree---the Fart-O-Meter guy has me torn. I sometimes HATE him, but others, adore him.

Taco is obviously the best, but only when worn with matching sombrero to REALLY show that you're a taco, and not a lettuce pita. Who needs to pee when you're dressed as a taco?

Maria Phelps said...

the guy in the taco suit looks like Gary

Peggy, Nora, and Jules said...

Hey Kim,
I like "The Birds" costume. Very cute.
Maybe I'm a puritan, but "Longuini & Meatballs" is nauseating... I mean, what's next? If your goal is to "push the envelope" with your obnoxious costume, how much further can you go? Pretty soon, nothing will be "shocking" anymore.
I'm sure you will concoct a great costume for next year... go with your gut!

Sadako said...

I like the Birds one, too. But the only thing creepier than Golden Buddha dude? Sexy golden buddha!

Monster Bash Blog said...

Maria, you are 100% correct...HAHAHAH now I know what Gary really does on the weekends...dress as a taco for halloween costume websites.

Julie, thank you for supporting my costume woes! And yes, I totally agree, costumes for "college students" have taken a downward spiral into belonging on the bowels of the internet. I dread what's next...

Sadako, I can't even wrap my mind around sexy golden it unisex? LOL I'm intrigued!

Anonymous said...

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Monster Bash Blog said...

Hi Anonymous,

I checked out the site..I didn't see too much Halloween stuff, but then is April. I do appreciate that they are out of Rhode Island, which is very close to my good friend Salem, Mass. said...

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Halloween said...

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Louise Lloyd said...

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Halloween Costumes said...

These are some funny costumes! A few are a little scary. The taco is the best. We saw it in a movie a few weeks ago. We fell off the couch and hit rewind. It was in the series How to make it on HBO.