Sunday, November 2, 2008

Post Monster Bash 2008

Well, another successful and incredible Halloween season has come and gone faster than I would have liked it to...

Monster Bash 2008 is over, and now, I must remove my makeup that took a friend and me an hour to apply, watch/help Jim clean the room (it's taking almost 2 days now), and begin to dream up next year's spOoOOoooOOoktacular bash!

But first, here's some frightening pictures!:

The Official Monster Bash 2008 invites.

Want to know how I got these scars? Well, I used makeup.

Joker Nurse, along with 8,000,000 other people.

Couples-costume of the year

The hosts with the mosts.

Murder Circus layout.

The Monster Bash 2008 food display: Carnival/Circus fare. Corn dogs not included because they were already eaten.

Evening, Commissioner.

Macho Man admires artwork. It says "Macho Madness" on the cape, fyi.

Spider Man makes his Monster Bash 2008 cameo

Pippy longstocking brought a date, Mr. Mrs.

Dr. Chad makes a kingdom of balloon animals

Danny Pepperoni makes his way from D'Jais to party with Randy Savage. No, he's not wearing stockings. Yes, I know.

Macho Man and the unsuspecting pinata

violent banana

Post-mummy wrap

Good sports

The spOOoOOooOOky scavenger hunt

Bella Banana looking for the next clue

Lucy reads off the next clue to her team

Just a banana, a butcher clown, and a joker dressed like a nurse.

And the best costume award and $25 Visa Gift card went to: