Thursday, March 12, 2009


Wow, spelling Mirrors backwards was more difficult than I thought!

Anyways, I recently watched that spOoOOoOOoky movie starring Kiefer Sutherland, Mirrors, on Movies on Demand (my new bff since Monsters HD decided to end its relationship with fun and horror). The movie was adapted from the 2003 movie, Geoul Sokeuro.

Basically, the movie is about a former cop, who I guess shot and killed someone, and is struggling with the aftermath of coping with killing another human being. He tries to re enter to workforce in order to eventually regain good standing with the police force. He gets a job as the new night watchman of the Mayflower department store, which is now a heap of ruin after a devastating fire. Strange things begin happening with the mirrors, of course everything thinks he's crazy because he's saying that the mirrors are "looking back at" him, and horror ultimately ensues.

The beginning of the movie is very awesome and promising. We are initially introduced to the former night watchman, Gary Lewis (seen above here), who is running for his life and is talking to the mirrors. He ends up slitting his throat (well, not him, but his mirror self) and it's gruesome and gory. I remember saying out loud to Jim "That was great." I was immediately into this movie.

Then, the dialogue between Kiefer Sutherland and his estranged wife comes. And it is horrendous. I felt almost embarassed for saying "that was great" earlier because I felt the pressure of this movie not being able to continue the awesomeness of the first 5 mins.
But then, the death scene of the sister, Angela, happens. And the movie is almost completely redeemed.
Her mirror self tears her own jaw off and it's a bloody self inflicted massacre. Very gory, and suprisingly very clever. Whoever thought of this idea is disgusting...and brilliant.
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The rest of the movie, sadly, is kind of a throw-away...he's trying to solve the mirror's mystery and find some woman named Anna Esseker, and she's a nun or something, and he drags her back to the Mayflower at gunpoint where she takes on the evil mirror spirits...but his family is home alone where there is water building up in the house and guess what? Water creates reflections! Oh no! ...and then, whatever...I'm bored typing it already. I think the basis is that the Mayflower was built next to or on top of a former psychiatric ward of a hospital? Was that it? Oh, should've known.
I think what makes this movie so scary, for me at least, is the mirrors themselves. How scary is walking to the bathroom or kitchen in the middle of the night, passing a mirror, and wondering if there's something or someone behind you? I used to be TERRIFIED of Bloody Mary, and would refuse to look at a mirror anywhere near midnight or in the dark, because maybe...
...just maybe...
she'd be looking back at me.


Jim said...

I just wish there were even more body part-ripping scenes in the movie.

Blog about how you were afraid of "One Missed Call"...I have the pictures.

Olympic Artichoke said...

First time poster here.

I like Aja, so I guess I may have to give this one a try. The trailer just never impressed me enough to make me see it in the theater.

By the by, I dig your blog.

Monster Bash Blog said...

It was 9:30 am when I watched "One Missed Call", so everything is scary then...or maybe it was YOUR FACE that scared me.

...and hey Olympic Artichoke!

Thanks for coming by! I'm glad you like it :) There are a couple of scenes that are definitely worth watching for the gore factor, you'll have to let me know if you like it!

Sadako said...

Oh, Bloody Mary still creeps me out. Well, these days I'm afraid to look in the mirror saying Biggie Smalls but same diff.

Monster Bash Blog said...

Sadako LOL!

You know it's a serious urban legend when Urban Dictionary references it!

Biggie Smalls vs. Bloody Mary? Tie.

I'll try that! said...

Hey kimbo. You know what would be nice? If they could combine the jason mask with a fox racing tee shirt... ohh wait ... THEY DID:

Here it is

Monster Bash Blog said...

HAHAHAH Jason looks good on anything!

P.S. I'll try that I miss your blog! come back!