Sunday, March 1, 2009

March Madness....No, Not That One.

I find that as I reach a new month, I get very nervous. Will I be able to make 8 blogs for this month? Last month was easy, because I dedicated the entire month to my fave subject: Jason Voorhees.

March will be a challenge. Spring is almost here...people are looking forward to warmth and sunshine...there are even cute, fuzzy bunnies messing up my horrorfest...what is in March that can be frightening?

I mean, I'm really having to dig deep here. I even have had to get creative:



Thank God the words "Spring" and "Spooky" both have "Sp" in common, otherwise, that would've been tricky!

Someone else feels my pain: I searched "Halloween in March" and someone back in 2005 had beaten me to it. I wish it had caught on, Scare Shack, you and I are a dying breed.

So, let's get into the Madness that is March! I'm ready to take it on if you are!