Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Bloody Valentine 3D...."Date Ride to Hell"

My Bloody Valentine 3D Pictures, Images and Photos

So as I posted earlier in the month on MBblog, I was super excited to see My Bloody Valentine: 3D in theaters....mainly because January is severely lacking in the Halloween department, but also because...it's in 3D! and you know how Monster Bash Blog feels about 3D!

The website, which I must admit is very well done, even brags that "the Fans Love it!" and you can send your loved one a "bloody valentine's day card".

In case you forgot about this movie coming out, here's the trailer:

The movie is a remake of the 1981 film of the same name (minus the 3D):

My Bloody Valentine Pictures, Images and Photos

I haven't seen the original yet, so I can't really comment on their similarities and differences, but after reading the plot on Wikipedia...the only similarities between the two are that the location is in a mining town and the names of the characters.

I'd like to state that I'm very interested in watching the original now, for comparison's sake.

Anyway, here are my thoughts on the remake:

1. I can't really consider it a "remake" because the storylines appear to be very different, but I can't confirm that for sure until I see the original. I will, however, say that they really modernized the movie to the point where Jim didn't even know it was a remake, so well done there.

2. I really hated that there's a character named "Axel" in it, and he was played by Kerr Smith, who for those who don't know him, is from Final Destination...and he played the super hot gay friend Jack in Dawson's Creek (my fave character, btw). I couldn't look at him and take him seriously as a sheriff, even though he did a great job of holding the flashlight and gun like a pro...sorry, Kerr.

3. There is a scene (***SPOILER ALERT***) that contains an unnecessarily completely nude woman for about 8-9 minutes. The actress's name is Betsy Rue, but may as well be named "T&A" because that's all she's known for in this movie. I felt extra uncomfortable in the theater, because a family with a 6 year old girl was also watching this movie. What do you do in this situation? (obviously not bring children to an R-rated movie in the first place) You can't even cover their eyes for 10 minutes because there's also extreme groaning noises during the uncomfortably long sex scene minutes before. Rue runs around outside in nothing but stilletos and a frown...nothing was left to the imagination here.

4. We were left guessing until the very end. I found this to be a great aspect to the movie. We all had no idea who the killer was; everytime I guessed someone, they got axed! Literally! I had no idea who it was until even AFTER the characters themselves had guessed, because I still doubted them! So mission accomplished on the plot twists!

5. I was very upset that (***SORRY MORE SPOILERS***) the sheriff is cheating on his wife. I understand why this part of the movie was in there, to keep us confused, but you know how I feel about cheaters and adultery....very very unhappy. When I found out about it, I folded my arms and put a "hmph" frown on my face. Cheating in any forum upsets me greatly.

6. I loved the soap-opera feeling with the added bonus of gore and violence. Jim called it when he said it was a "Lifetime movie with blood and guts". Totally true. There were so many "oh he's married to her now?! She's dead?! Didn't they date? Oh she works with her and is carrying his baby?! Oh my God!" in addition to splattering blood and dismembered bodies. Guys and girls can appreciate this alike, because it has the drama of dating woes mixed in with sheer brutal deaths.

7. The death scenes and gore I felt were pretty good for a modern horror movie. Some things were quite graphic, and the addition of 3D made it even better. The beginning scene was really awesome when (**SORRY...AGAIN**) Harry came out of his coma and went on a rampage. It was pretty gross. I also felt that the pace of the movie was good, because even though there was alot of "soap opera" dialogue, the movie never felt boring or slow moving, there were enough scary death and suspense scenes to keep you focused and guessing.

8. The 3D....I was pleasantly surprised. There was a part with (***I KNOW...I'M SORRY) someone's eyeball getting popped out and the 3D made it look like it was in your face...it was great. Then with the fire, and the pickaxe coming at you, it was really well done. I felt that the 3D parts made the movie look better overall and really added great things to the gory parts. It made it a really fun viewing experience, and I think everyone in our theater was into it.

9. The theater was PACKED. Granted, it was a Friday night, but the movie has already been out a week. The thrill of 3D makes people come out. It was the first time in a theater I was asked to move down by an usher so people could sit together. So get there early! Also, this was the first time in the history of me going to movies that I was first in line to get into a theater. I actually STARTED the line, that's how trendsetter-ish I am. Just sayin'.

10. There were 2 coming attractions could have rivaled the movie with how scary they were. I can't wait for them. One was called A Haunting in Connecticut and it made me jump.

Apparently this is based on a true story. There was a documentary on Discovery (called A Haunting) about this family, and I guess now they've made it into a full length film. Here's the website for it.

And then there's the remake for Last House on The Left:

It's supposed to come out in March. I love that Carl from Ghost is in this. It's based on the 1972 movie of the same name by Wes Craven. I've actually seen it, and I just remember it being really difficult to watch. I think one of the main reasons I wanted to see it was because Sean S. Cunningham and Wes Craven did it together (that's like Freddy and Jason joining together). The remake looks pretty awesome though. It's a great "revenge" movie, and who doesn't find those enjoyable? Here's the website for the remake.

So, MBV3D was a double gift, because not only did I find the movie itself entertaining and fun to watch, the trailers before it got me pumped for upcoming horror!


Jim said...

The movie was ok...but 3D alone makes it worth the price of admission.

Let's make that Jason cake.