Friday, January 23, 2009

Freezing at the Inauguration

So, I figured it would be a good thing to write about going to the inauguration of the 44th President...since, you know...Monster Bash Blog was an esteemed guest there (not even close). While the event itself was historical and not scary at all, the process of getting there, standing there all day, and getting home...was the most frightening experience of my life.

So, our dear friend and fellow blogger, Jim, had begged and pleaded me to accompany him to this historical event. I didn't want to go, however, because I know about all of the spoOooOOoOoOky things that January (and winter in general) brings...the COLD! What if there was a Yeti there because of the harsh weather? Or Mutated Movie Villains?! Or what if we get Frostbite? Or run into Jack Frost?! I mean, these were all major possibilities, because they are part of my wintry blogs! (Shameless self-blog promotion!)

So anyway, I eventually gave in and let adventure get the best of me. We booked a bus trip that would leave out of NYC on Tuesday morning at 12 am, and then we would come home at around 10 pm that same night. Sound spooOoOOooky enough? Well, I'm not finished. I'd then wake up on Wednesday morning and be at work by 7. Now, that's scary. That's REAL scary.

But what can I say? I'm a ghoul with alot of gall.

So off we went.

We stood in the bitter, freezing cold in NYC for 3 hours...

then we boarded a bus....for 3 1/2 more hours...

then we arrived in D.C. at around 4:30 AM...

We got off of the bus around 5:30 AM....
Walked to the National Mall...
still walked....

more walking....
got there around 7:30 AM.

Stood in freezing cold and darkness until 10 AM.
My horrifying hand warmers and frightening feet warmers were wearing off. That was the scariest thought of the day...having no warmth whatsoever for the next 2-3 hours of cold-standing.

Then Joe Biden and Barack Obama were sworn in:

Afterward, we crept back to the bus....and by "crept", I mean, "stood still in a sea of people for 2 hours":

Finally...after getting slightly lost in an unknown city (my biggest fear on Earth) we arrived at our bus.
5 1/2 more hours on the bus and we were home!
Let me tell you what made this trip scary for Monster Bash Blog:

-Massive crowds of people closing down streets
I was waiting for the monster from Cloverfield or Godzilla to come out and start stomping the streets

-The insane amount of walking (including through dark tunnels and being lost)

-blisters from insane walking and not proper footwear
-lack of food for the entire day
-not wanting to drink anything for fear of the porto-potty
-porto-potties in general
-carsickness on long bus trips
-fear of not making it back to the bus in time and being stranded in D.C. forever
-Standing for hours while my legs and knees froze

(that's breath)

This was quite a feat for Monster Bash Blog to endure, as I usually relax in my crypt and wait for Halloween to arrive...but hey, much like the majesty of Monster Bash, this was a historical event.


Jim said...

I'm weeping at the poetry that is this blog.