Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Get Pumped for 02/13/09!

Today marks exactly 1 month until Friday the 13th remake hits theaters!!
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Ok, ok, I know what you're thinking. "Monster Bash Blog, it's a remake...it's going to suck!"

Normally, with any other film, I'd agree with you 110%.

But come on...It's JASON VOORHEES. My all-time favorite movie villain!

I'm going to give him a "Get out of jail free card" on this one, simply because I love him so dearly.
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I will, however, make a couple of statements regarding the remake, because I need to get them off my chest. First, watch the trailer, and then we'll discuss:

1. Ok, so it's produced by Michael Bay, who seems to have now become the ultimate horror movie remake director (Also doing a Nightmare on Elm Street remake in 2010, more on that later, The Unborn, The TCM remake, Amityville Horror remake, TCM: The beginning, etc). I'm lukewarm on this. I really did like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake....and I'm really into the idea of remaking a Nightmare on Elm Street to dovetail with my bffl Jason. I'm slightly (desperate because it's January) interested in The Unborn, so I'm willing to give it a shot.

2. I get the feeling that Pamela Voorhees isn't the main villain in the remake. I could be totally wrong, but the killer looks like Jason to me in the trailer.
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3. The remake doesn't follow exactly with the original, which I kind of like. There's some guy who lost his sister and he's looking for her? So they're looking for a sister? That was definitely not part of the original.

4. The main character is some studly stallion named...wait for it....Clay:
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Ugh. Really? You couldn't think of a better hero name? Clay.
However, in the original, the hero was female, and was named Alice:
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Talk about woman power. Now I guess we need a man to save the day...is that it? What a sexist movie! J/K I couldn't care less. I liked Alice way better though, I can tell already. I don't care how muscular Clay's body is or how good he looks beat up and wet and bloody.

5. What type of Jason will he be? The progression of Jason from the second movie to Freddy vs. Jason is astounding. He goes from back-woods yokel Jason:
Friday The 13th: Part 3 Jason Voorhees Pictures, Images and Photos
to melted mush Jason:
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to dinosaur Jason
Jason Voorhees Part 7 Pictures, Images and Photos
to indestructible space Jason
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X-Entertainment did a great job of depicting these transformations.
Which one is your favorite? Mine's in Friday the 13th part III:
Jason Voorhees Part 3 Pictures, Images and Photos
He's so scary in his jumpsuits and flannel, he's fast, and he's still relatively human-looking. Part III is also where he first gets his hockey mask, fyi. I love him. I can't wait to see what type of Jason this new Jason will be. I'm predicting he will be like the equivalent of Michael Myers in the Rob Zombie remake of Halloween. What do you think?

6. Its release date is AWESOME. February 13th, 2009. Friday the 13th, 2009. Also, it's the day before Valentine's Day, so instead of romance and roses, it's machetes and MURDER.

7. The cast is a bunch of unknowns. Except for Willa Ford, who I only know from that song "I Wanna Be Bad", and that's not really saying alot, the cast is a bunch of nobodies. I love this. Now I'm not thinking to myself "Oh, that's the guy from...." or "Oh, she played ___ and ___". These are just regular people as far as I'm concerned. And I appreciate that.

8. There's a character named "Chewie" in it. Enough said.

9. The trailer features a counting sequence all the way from 1-13. That must've been tough, to find 13 different cool things to show between each number. Also, doing that 13 times is a little bit much.

10. It's friggin' Jason Voorhees! Give the guy a chance!

So, get your Camp Crystal Lake shirts ready (I've got mine ready to go!), 2/13/09 is only a few weeks away!!


Jim said...

I think this movie has been done for 6 months and they're just waiting for that awesome release date.

I hope molding Clay is cut in half like whatshisname in Part III