Wednesday, December 10, 2008

SpOoOOoOoky Snowmen!

The snowman.

Quite possibly the least offensive character in the entire Christmas cast of characters. I mean honestly, how can you not love that guy? Look at his cute little scarf and his wimpy stick arms...aww...carrot nose. I just want to give him a non-melting hug. What's so scary about him? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Well, unless you make him 8 feet tall...and give him vampire fangs...and put fake blood on him....still though, he'd still be pretty darn cute.

The Yeti.

Also known as the "Abominable Snowman". I feel that we're good enough friends that I can be honest with you, I thought up until writing this blog that it was "Abomidable" not "Abominable". Actually, I would have bet a significant amount of money on it. Not that I use the word enough in my everyday language, but I've said it. Let me just clarify for those of you who also though it was a "d" and not an "n": Merriam Webster dictionary claims that Abomidable is not a real world, and there is a definition for Abominable. So, now that's all cleared up for me.

If you don't like saying A.S. or Yeti, there's always "Bumble" if you're a Rudolph movie enthusiast. Did you know that Rudolph is from 1964? News to me, as well. This blog sure taught me a thing or two about our wintry friends and foes!

Well, Bumble isn't really scary...he's still kinda cute...but for the sake of the movie, he's spOooOoOoOoky with his chompy-metallic-esque teeth.

The Yeti is like an ape/monster that lives in the Himalayan region, hence why he's a "snowman"...I think.

And then, there are Wampas.

**Author's Side Note** Can I just say that I spent the good part of 2 days searching for this friggin' thing?! Clearly I'm not a Luke Skywalker / Star Wars enthusiast, but Jim is, and so I saw this thing in one of the movies one time and was in awe of how awesomely scary he is. I was shocked at how scary this snowguy is, and his arm gets cut off (spoiler! sorry!), and that was all I could remember. I searched Wikipedia's extensive list of Star Wars creatures...and I had no idea what I was looking for. P.S-have you ever seen those definitions? It's like a whole 'nother language. I felt like I didn't know how to read.

Finally, I caved and called Jim, knowing I'd have to tell him the gist of my blog. And within 2.5 seconds of me saying "Star Wars" and "arm gets cut off" Jim didn't even flinch when saying something about the planet Hoth and which movie he was in. I would have sworn he was reading from a book, but he just knows his Star Wars cold. So, thanks Jim for being an insane Star Wars fanatic and assisting Monster Bash Blog! **End Note**

Also, the Yeti can still be found today in popular culture, thanks Wiki! In movies, books, video games, theme park rides...

Which is my next and probably final point.

There's a ride in Animal Kingdom in Disney World that I went on in March, called Expedition Everest, where there's a runaway Yeti coming to get you while you're exploring Mt. Everest! The line to get into the ride is probably the coolest part because they put out all of these spOoOOooOoOky artifacts of Yeti remains and stuff from the missing campers that went ahead of other words: you won't make it back!! muahahahah!! (Just kidding, it's Disney after all). The ride itself wasn't scary, it was the build-up and the possibility of having to go on a huge drop backwards that had me screaming for mercy atop Disney Mt. Everest. But still, the Yeti was the star!

So in conclusion, while the snowman may not appear to be definitely can be...when it's Abomidnable!


Jim said...

This blog is the recipient of the 2008 best blog of the year award.

I absolutely loved your detailed examination of snowmen and your analysis of some members of the snowmen family like the Wampa.

"wimpy arms"

Anonymous said...

Kim, I have read your newest posts and I have to are VERY creative! I have to admit, these topics are very well done.

Monster Bash Blog said...

haha Thanks Maria! I try