Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Haunting In Connecticut

The Haunting in Connecticut Pictures, Images and Photos

March 27th, The Haunting In Connecticut came out in theaters.
The internet hype for this movie, leading up to it, was out of control. I can't even tell you how many times I saw that scene where the kid has writing all over his body on my email, my myspace, name it, the advertisement popped up. I think it was even on a few times.

I was moderately interested in seeing it. Remember? Anything that claims to be "based on a true story" captures my interest immediately. I also 100% believe that ghosts will remain in a house if something bad happened or if they don't "cross over". I'm a believer.

Anyway, the movie came out, then left theaters, and I still hadn't seen it.

It wasn't that I didn't want to, it was just that I didn't get the chance to.

So, Jim found it at a $1.00 rental at the A&P and I was pumped! I was finally going to get to see it 4 months later!

The movie stars Virginia Madsen as the mother, who I happen to really like, and who was also in Candyman, as well as in another movie called The Haunting (she really likes haunted houses I guess).
The Haunting in Connecticut Pictures, Images and Photos
She's the mother and her son, Matt, is going for experimental cancer treatments far away. She decides that instead of making him drive home everynight, that they would look for a house to rent while the treatments are ongoing.

Cue the House in Connecticut.

They move in, despite it being formerly a funeral home, and the creepiness begins.

There's alot of jump scares, and some cool things, like the body carvings:

The Haunting in Connecticut Pictures, Images and Photos

But then there are also the things about the ectoplasm? Isn't that Slimer? I couldn't get past thinking about that.
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Also, I felt the jamming of the family backstories down my throat was nauseating.

Granted, there were a few parts that I jumped and some of the dead things looked pretty neat, I still was annoyed by the drunk dad. It was also more religiously based than I had expected. Were they trying to be the Exorcist?

Apparently the movie was so successful that there are plans in the works to make a sequel and possibly a thrid movie as well. The sequel will have something to do with an exorcism and an evil presence in New York or something.

Overall, I give The Haunting in Connecticut an "eh". It was watchable, and not really boring, but I wouldn't watch it again I don't think. It was "ok".


Jim said...

I agree with your stern-but-fair "eh" rating and would also add that up until 30 minutes into it, I thought that Robert Pattison was in this movie.

I could have sworn I heard he was in this. wasn't even a question like "is he in this?"...I knew that he was.

Atul said...

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