Friday, July 31, 2009

Bash to the Future

You know, I've been really agonizing over this year's Monster Bash. Each year, the cost of MB has increased substantially, to last year, which carried a price tag of over $1000. No joke. The cost of props, food, music, invitations, prizes, etc to fit into the Murder Circus theme was through the roof. Have we taken what was once a simple Halloween Party (I'm lying, it's not a "simple Halloween party"'s the best party on Earth) and made it into something too commercial?

Jim and I pondered and pondered over the future of Monster Bash. With my impending transition from "living at home" to "being a new homeowner", as well as with the tough economic times, we had a lot to think about. This year, would we make Monster Bash even MORE costly? Could we afford it? Where would it be held? Is Jim's room no longer a viable venue? Will Monster Bash be altered forever? Will I have to change my Blog tag line?!

And then, Jim sent me this:

[ No Subject ]
Friday, July 10, 2009 1:13 PM
"Monster Bash Blog"

It began as a pure evil....

And each year, it grew bigger and bigger.

And now it's time to ask yourself.....

Can this evil possibly be contained anymore?

This year...on October 31st....we'll all find out.

Because this year....Monster Bash goes...


Come experience Monster Bash as you've never experienced it before...

Experience Monster Bash...

In an EcoNoMiC rEcESSioN

The only thing we won't cut back on is the body count.

I believe we've got something here....

Stay tuned!


Jim said...

WOW! HUGE NEWS GOING ON HERE! I thought we were keeping this on the d.l for a while.

This is a HUGE breaking story.