Sunday, July 19, 2009

Extra-gourd-inary Jack-O-Lanterns!

If you know me, you know how much I love pumpkins. I love everything about them. They are orange, which is my fave color, they are delicious as pies, soups, raviolis, dips, roasted, seeded, etc....they are nice to look at, fun to pick, extremely fun to carve! I could go on and on...but I won't, because you get the idea, right?

Anyway....hold on, I just want to make a note that Jim just made me smell pumpkin potpourri in an attempt to make me go to Lancaster PA, and instead a whirlwind of Autumn love just came over me...

Ok, back to the pumpkin post!

I love to carve pumpkins. It's become such a staple to my fall/Halloween fanfare. Jack-o-Lantern carving is quite a skill...a skill that I personally lack, but that others are incredible at. And so, this is my dedication blog to all of you Jack-o-Lantern masters out there!

I googled "amazing Jack-o-Lanterns" and these following carvings are the cream of the crop!:

3-D Skull pumpkin. This almost doesn't even look like it was once a pumpkin at all. The details are amazing on this one. How do you do this?!

The Death Star-o-Lantern for all you Star Wars fans out there.

This is that monster:
pans Pictures, Images and Photos
from Pans Labyrinth that is terrifying and awesome looking at the same time. Very cool.


Barfing pumpkin has been done many times, but for some reason, I'm still entertained by it!

I believe one of these, maybe not this one, but one of these, was done on the Food Network Challenge: Outrageous Pumpkins. BlogThemeMachine also has 54 more amazingly carved pumpkins, kinda like this one. P.S. I don't know why but this pumpkin looks kind of like John Candy.
John Candy Pictures, Images and Photos

There's even a carved pumpkin for the sports lover out there.

Pac Man, anyone?

Michael Myers vs. Jason Voorhees in Pumpkin form.

"Its'a Me! Mari-o-Lantern!"

I guess this really isn't a "Jack-o-Lantern" by default, but still...Incredible!

Oh No!

Here's a great webpage that someone has made showing pumpkin carvings through the years. The music is awesome too!

Time to start practicing my carving skills, Halloween is only 3 months away!


Delaney the Undead said...

If someone doesnt make me a 'Transformers o lantern' asap Im going to have a breakdown. lol

Silla_Sophia_Sangria said...

those are sooo awesome!! I'm still trying to decide on what it is that I'm going to go as for Halloween. last year I was a Harajuku Girl (sp ?) this year I don't think I'll go for something as revealing... considering I don't have my 'form' back from the baby just yet... hahaha!!

do you know what you're going to go as just yet?

Silla_Sophia_Sangria said...

those are soooo AWESOME!!!