Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ghoul-Eye, Round 2

Here we are again, huh?

I've found that before I embark on blogging each month, I go back to the last year's blogs to see what I was into at the time. Of course, The Dark Knight was a huge part of last Ghoul Eye, I still love it unconditionally as well. Wow, what a great movie. There was so much excitement surrounding it and I went to see it 3 times in a row...God I love that movie. I loved it SO much that I was Joker Nurse for last year's Monster Bash:

Close, right?

Also, last Ghoul Eye, I wrote about my "Autumn State of Mind", which I'm always in, FYI; as well as crazy Uncle Sam's....Ouija Boards....and Worst Deaths in Horror Films.

But the single best moment of Ghoul-Eye of last year?

So, here's to another great Ghoul-Eye of blogging!
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Jim said...

Excuse me, I don't think you're allowed to blog about your own past blogs. That may be breaking some kind of rule.

I'm willing to forgive because that clip was/is/will always be incredible.