Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Why I Think I Like the Movie Orphan Already

Ok, I've seen this trailer a few times when I go to see movies (mainly because I only see horror films, and so, naturally, this movie trailer is always on when I go):
Orphan Pictures, Images and Photos

Now, I know what you're looks like a mix between The Omen:

and The Good Son:

Right? Well, I agree. Also, I was skeptical because the director is the same guy who directed the remake of House of Wax, which was a huge stinker.

But, those things aside, I am willing to embrace Esther with open arms, because I happen to like a bunch of things about this movie:

1. The girl playing Esther is super scary looking. She's very, very creepy and eerie. The movie poster, which just mainly has some clever shadowing, also terrifies me.

2. I like Peter Sarsgaard.

3. There is major controversy stirring up because adoption agencies are FURIOUS that this movie has been made. Not that I like seeing adoption agencies in distress, but I can't believe there's drama about this. Literally, google "orphan adoption controversy" and see what comes up. Drama draws attention and public interest, hence, I'm interested.

4. It's rated R. FINALLY!! Get that PG-13 out of MY FACE!

5. One of the producers of the film is....Leonardo DiCaprio! Let's face it, anything Leo does or is a part of, I'm on board.

So, my verdict? It's got my attention, and I'm interested in seeing it.

July 24th....Esther's going to creep out and/or offend audiences everywhere!


Anonymous said...

The Good Son is SO fucked up. Definitely a fave.

Anonymous said...

Esther's "intense"

Monster Bash Blog said...

The Good Son is great...I couldn't emotionally handle seeing Kevin McCallister as a bad guy though...

and yes, Esther is intense...perhaps it's in her genes and she can't help it though

Anonymous said...

A lot of adoptive parents are angry about one line in this film: It must be hard to love an adopted child like your own.

They are angry about this movie line but are perfectly content that their adopted child has a birth certificate that was permanently sealed from him/her and a falsified "amended" one issued.

Adoptees have to live their lives carrying around amended birth certificates and are NEVER allowed to see their original birth certificates containing their true names and the names of his/her true biological parents. Adopting parents get to have their names placed on the amended certificates as the birth parents! What lies!!!! These violations of a childs rights does not concern the protestors because it works for them! It is not their ethnicities, their heritages that are sealed. No, their newly purchased child will be forced to accept these lies are his/her truth. These self-righteous people own the copyrights to their adopted child's identity and could care less that it's FICTION that is on their child's birth certificate.

It is downright disgraceful and pathetic what people choose to protest.

I'm wearing my Orphan movie t-shirts on opening day: because getting angry over one-liners and not giving a hoot about our (adoptees) civil rights is laughable.

Please support Esther by signing this petition: because no one should have to kill for their birth certificate.