Saturday, August 1, 2009

It's Aughost Again!

It's Aughost!
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I can't tell that Fall is right around the corner, because for the past few days I've had that feeling...

That feeling where I start thinking about how friggin' awesome Autumn is. The weather, the way the sun looks in the mid to late afternoon, the colors of the trees, the pumpkin / apple picking, the fun activities that you can only do in fall (hayrides, haunted houses, pumpkin carving, MONSTER BASH PLANNING, etc), sweatshirt season, costume preparations, slow cooking, mmmmhhhhmmmmm). Are you there yet? I sure am.

I consider mid-Aughost (fine, entire August) the official start of Autumn. People who are in the teaching profession especially hate when I say that, but too bad! Also, the weather this summer in the tri-state area, possibly beyond, has been HORRIFIC. Did we even have summer? Or was it monsoon season? Just wondering.

Think about it, in Aughost, parents go "back to school" shopping, which includes Fall clothing and other supplies...but mostly stuff for Fall. All stores begin their sales of Autumnal wares. I received word yesterday that Yankee Candle has their Fall fragrance collection out...also, I just saw on their website that they have 8 new candles...

1. Moonlight Harvest
2. Vanilla Pumpkin
3. Macintosh Spice
4. Farmer's Market
5. Autumn Fruit
6. Almond Cookie
7. Be Thankful
8. Lakeside Birch

All of those except Almond Cookie and Lakeside Birch SCREAM Fall, dont' they? I think my favorite is either Moonlight Harvest, Vanilla Pumpkin, or Farmer's Market. What's yours?

Anyway, in other news, also in Aughost, my best pals, Party City and Party Box, start stocking the Halloween stuff. Slowly, but surely, Halloween comes into the mix.

This year, I need to keep reminding myself to be a little more frugal in terms of spending for Monster Bash 2009, the Economic Recession Edition. It's very hard though, and it's still ok to look, right?

On the way back from Raymour and Flanigan, I can make that easy U-turn right into Party City's parking lot. It's practically on the way!

autumn Pictures, Images and Photos