Monday, June 1, 2009

Howl at the Moon June

It's June....and today marks 4 months until October!

Time flies when you're thinking spoOooOooooOooOky!!!

Fun Fact, there will be a full moon on June 7th this year, so all of you werewolves out there, get pumped.

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What else is going on this month? There's an incredible movie coming out this month featuring zombies that you've never in your wildest dreams imagined would have been featured in a horror film, but I'm not going to elaborate just yet. That's for a whole blog within itself! Just cherish that run-on sentence until I update you further.

Seriously people, if you have any horror filled suggestions, throw them my way...Monster Bash Blog welcomes any ideas for scary blogs! (June's a tough month spoOoOky-wise).

So, here we go again...another month...another 8 blogs...another day closer to Halloween!