Friday, June 19, 2009

The Vampire Craze

You know, with so many great spoOOooOoOoky things out there, there are always crazes.

Zombies have been pretty popular for awhile now, before that, I'd say clowns were the rage.

Lately, movies have been made surrounding "deadly strains" of viruses causing pandemics and making people go mad (I Am Legend, 28 Days/Weeks Later, etc)

But now, I've got my money on Vampires.

Movie Crunch made a great list of the top 15 Vampire movies of all time...including:

Interview with the Vampire
Tom Cruise as Lestat - Interview With The Vampire - 1994 Pictures, Images and Photos
Bram Stoker's Dracula
bram stokers dracula Pictures, Images and Photos

Shadow of the Vampire
shadow of the vampire Pictures, Images and Photos

30 Days of Night
Vampire from 30 Days of Night Pictures, Images and Photos
The Lost Boys
Kiefer Sutherland as David - The Lost Boys - 1987 Pictures, Images and Photos
Twilight (My vote)
`~Twilight~' Pictures, Images and Photos
(I'll use any excuse to put a picture of him on my blog) I mean...can you really blame me? Look at him:

spoOoOoOokily good looking

It's scary how cuuuuuuuuute he is


...oh....sorry....about'd that get in there? along....

Let the Right One In (I added that one in)
eli Pictures, Images and Photos

Blade and Blade II
Deacon Frost Pictures, Images and Photos

From Dusk Til Dawn
From Dusk Till Dawn Pictures, Images and Photos

Even Guillermo Del Toro (Pan's Labyrinth, Hellboy, Blade II) is continuing to delve deeper into his love of bloodsuckers. He has written a trilogy of Vampire novels, the first one that just came out called The Strain, which was released on June 2nd, and looks awesome. He combines two hot phenomena right now: virus strains and vampires. Well done.

What's next? Obviously New Moon, which is the sequel to Twilight in case you are male or living in a hole somewhere and didn't know that.
new moon Pictures, Images and Photos

I like this phase...let's keep it going!
dracula coffin Pictures, Images and Photos


Jim said...

What the F is wrong with you?

Twilight face-in-hole?

Monster Bash Blog said...

HAHAHAH you should see what I did with your picture and with Dr. Carlisle Cullen