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Drag Me To Hell = Loud,SpoOoOoOoky, and Gross

I know, it's been out since May 29th...

But I finally got to see it!
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Drag Me To Hell.

I'd also like to add that we went on the opening night of The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3, and The Hangover was the hottest movie going on. Everyone before us, literally everyone, was purchasing tickets for The Hangover, which was sold out, and fans were leaving upset. Jim and I had no problem getting DMTH tickets...because it's been out for weeks. So now's the time to see it!

I don't know if you remember, but way back in scary May, I wrote about how pumped I was to see this movie...
And now...I have seen it! Finally!

Dear beloved readers,
Now, I'm going to discuss the movie here, so I realize how unhappy some people may get that my blog has spoilers. Since we're such great friends, I'd like to tell you that if you don't want to know about what happens, I suggest you stop reading until you see it....or just leave the Internet completely, because Wikipedia, IMDB, and even the official movie website can also spoil this for you. So, no more fresh comments to me, ok?
Sincerely, your pal, Monster Bash Blog.

Moving along, The movie starts off in 1969 in Pasedena, where a couple brings their young son who has been hearing voices. We find out that the boy had stolen a necklace from some gypsies and despite the medium's efforts, the boy guessed it! Dragged to Hell. The scene ends with the medium saying in Spanish, "We will meet again" or something along those lines...
That brings us to a series of the opening credits with some eerie violin music and animations, explaining the curse that takes 3 days to develop.

After the credits, we meet a woman named Christine Brown
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who is vying for a position as the assistant manager at her bank firm. She is up against this brown nosing turd named Stu Rubin, who is seriously hated by me and everyone else in the theater throughout the entire movie. Anyway, she comes to meet this old creepy woman, Mrs. Ganush, who hasn't made her payments two times now and is at risk of losing her home. Christine, who doesn't want to risk losing the promotion because she has no backbone, turns Ganush down. The old woman begins to beg and grab Christine, and Christine calls security over and "shames" the old woman. Mrs. Ganush is escorted outside after attacking Christine, and Christine is visibly shaken.

Later that night, Christine gets to her car and is attacked again by the old woman.
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Mrs. Ganush grabs one of her buttons from her jacket and places a curse on her.
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It is after this that Christine begins experiencing weird winds, flies, and attacks by shadows...and the old woman:
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Despite her boyfriend, Clay's, pleas, she goes to see a psychic named Rham Jas (who is my favorite character on earth). Rham sees that she is being haunted by a dark spirit and that she is cursed by the darkest curse of all: the Lamia.
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**Fun Fact! The Lamia is also made popular in Pans Labyrinth, as this terrifying character:
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Holy shit that thing was scary...remember?:

Anyway, Christine tries everything from killing her adorable kitten (seriously, I was depressed about this for the entire movie) to offer the blood of an innocent animal to the trying to visit Mrs. Ganush to have her remove the curse (but she's too late: the old lady has bit the dust) then having a seance to try to bring the spirit out to slaughter it.

She ends up travelling back to that same house in Pasedena that we saw in the beginning, and the same medium tries to bring the spirit of the Lamia out to kill it. This scene is awesome, btw.
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After that doesn't work, Rham tells Christine to give the button to a new owner to avoid the Lamia dragging her to Hell on the third day.

Christine struggles with who to give it to, even though I think she should have given it to Stu or Mr. Jacks (her jerk boss), but she decides to take the button and give it back to the corpse of Mrs. Ganush.

So, she treks to the graveyard, digs up Ganush's corpse, and places the envelope with her. After an epic struggle to get out of the mud and away from the corpse of Mrs. Ganush:
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Christine goes home and gets ready to meet with Clay and go away for the weekend.

I'm not even going to beat around the bush here and tell you that the ending is incredible and unexpected. I think to a degree, you can kind of guess what see Clay holding an engagement ring and you think that "aww, she made it!" she gets her job promotion, she buys a brand new coat, and everything seems to be going wonderful. Then you find out that she left the wrong envelope with Mrs. Ganush's body, and Clay had found the button late last night. At this point, she falls into where the train is coming and she gets....yep...dragged to hell! She never had a chance! She didn't make it!? No!! All I kept thinking was how sad I was about that cute kitten.

The movie is filled with alot of "BOO!" jump-out-of-your-seat moments. Literally 80% of the movie is...AHH!! The old woman is so horrific, it makes it even more frightening:
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Oh my god someone made a split screen of the actress playing Ganush and look at the difference:

I jumped 3 feet out of my chair! I wasn't alone, the girl sitting behind Jim let out blood curdling screams at every moment. After the movie, as an aside, I went into the bathroom and I heard at least 3 different girls say they didn't want to go into the stall because they were too scared. That's how you know this is a scary movie!

Also, there is a lot of goop and gross shit...I am guessing that takes the place of blood, since this is rated PG-13, which originally turned me off to the movie, but I felt was still done fantastically.
In closing, I think this move truly has it all: suspense, gore (gross-ness), horror, a great storyline, and more jumps than you can ever imagine.

Jim liked it so much he even wrote about his own feelings about it....and Jim rarely ever blogs, so that should be an even better reason to see it.
SO GO SEE IT! You have 3 days before I drag you to ....go see it...haha!

((Special thanks to DragonrageHR for the great pictures))


Monster Bash Blog said...

As a quick little side note, I also read somewhere that the music used during the end credits is an unused piece of music that was written for The Exorcist.

I'm too lazy to look it up but i'm pretty sure that's true.