Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dead Snow? Dead...Snow.

Being an avid fan of all things spoOoOoOoOky, I've learned that there can really be a scary movie made about anything.

And I mean...ANYTHING.

So, why I was surprised when I heard there was a movie coming out on June 12th called Dead Snow is still beyond me.
Dead Snow Mini Pictures, Images and Photos
Dead Snow has been a hot topic of discussion around here for as long as I can remember. It's the hottest topic since Black Sheep (the movie from 2006 about the Zombie Sheep):
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Dead Snow, in case you couldn't tell from the movie poster above, is about a group of medical students who go up to a cabin in the mountains for their Easter break, only to discover that this cabin was also occupied by the Nazis when they occupied Norway during World War II. The Nazis had frozen to death, and when the students find some of their gold...they come back from the dead to reclaim it...and kill the students.

In short, this movie is about Nazi Zombies.

Dead Snow Pictures, Images and Photos

Would you have ever thought it?

Here's the trailer:

Along the vein of The Evil Dead, this movie is an over-the-top horror-comedy with alot of gore...and zombies...that happen to be Nazis.

IFC has purchased this film and it will be available to get on demand to watch!

Apparently, Nazi Zombies are so popular they even have their own website. Ok fine, it's from a video game, but still...more Nazi Zombies. Even IMDB has a tag for "Nazi Zombies" and there are a whole bunch of related topics.

**Update 06/14/09: I watched this last night with Jim...and my parents. It was their 28th wedding anniversary and they wanted to watch a movie with us...naturally, I chose this. It was everything I hoped it would be and more. The death scenes are incredible. Seriously, this movie is so bad it's awesome. I loved it.