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Let The Right One In

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I never even heard of this film until recently, but apparently it came out a year ago (so if you're mad that I'm spoiling it for you a year after it came out you should be ashamed of yourself). Anyway, this was one of those rental ideas that Jim had actually found.

Let the Right One In is a 2008 Swedish...not Norwegian...film that is actually listed as the 191st film in the top 250 greatest films of all time on IMDB.com. For a foreign horror film, that is phenomenal.

The film, and book, are both titled after a Morrissey song, "Let the Right One Slip In".
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That picture of Morrissey is pretty spoOoOoOoOky and ominous.

You know what else is great about the movie? It's considered a "Romantic vampire film"....hmmm...that reminds me of another great "romantic vampire film"....
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Oh! What a nice surprise to have you on here!

....sorry...where was I? Ah yes, back to Let the Right One In...

The movie is about a boy named Oskar, who is bullied in school. I mean BULLIED.
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Here is Oskar taking a beating (see the slash on his face)
These bullies are little assholes who try to hurt him on a daily basis. Usually, they succeed. Poor Oskar just takes it, but has withheld anger and pretends with his knife in the courtyard that he's killing them or "making them squeal like a pig".
Let the right one in Pictures, Images and Photos
One of these said nights in the courtyard, he encounters a strange girl, named Eli, who seems to appear out of nowhere.
"Let the Right One In" - Oskar and Eli Jungle Jim Pictures, Images and Photos
They develop this sweet and magical relationship...

There's only one problem.

Eli...is a vampire.

She also can't come in unless she's invited or else this happens:
let the right one in Pictures, Images and Photos
Anyway, Eli relies on her "friend" to bring her blood, but when he dies, she must do things for herself.
She finds a woman and begins chowing down. She is stopped by the woman's boyfriend, and flees.
What happens to the woman who is changing into a vampire:
Let the Right One In Pictures, Images and Photos
This movie rules.

Anyway, Eli tells Oskar that she will protect him from the bullies. She tells Oskar to get tougher and to fight back, even to kill.

Oskar takes her advice, begins weightlifting classes, and hits one of the bullies in the ear with a pole, causing him to have major ear issues. The bully, his jackass friends, and his older brother seek out revenge on Oskar.

Meanwhile, the town is becoming suspicious of Eli's strange behavior and of the death's happening in town.
After one of the townspeople try to kill Eli, Eli decides she must flee town and leave Oskar behind.

With Oskar alone and defenseless, those loser bullies devise a plan to have Oskar come to swim practice...
let the right one in Pictures, Images and Photos
So he's happily treading water to music...when all of a sudden, the turd bully's brother comes in...

let the right one in Pictures, Images and Photos
Seriously, you can't see his face, but trust me, the brother is like 30...why is he bullying a 12 year old kid? Also, his stupid brother deserved it.

Anyway, the brother tells Oskar that he has to stay underwater for 3 minutes or else he'll gauge his eyes out...so he holds him under:
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Time ticks by....the lesser minion bullies are getting anxious....Eli is gone...Oskar looks like a goner...but then:
let the right one in Pictures, Images and Photos

Is that...a leg?

It turns out, Eli came back to save Oskar. Because she loves him.

Here's the entire scene, because it's so fantastic. Between the marching to the beat of the weird music while Oskar innocently treads water, and the underwater falling body parts, I could watch this scene over and over again:

Then they run off together and do morse code on the train. The End?


Wavefighter said...

Uh, so many spoilers. Glad you liked it, though but this movie isn't Norwegian, it's Swedish.

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Steve from White Plains said...

This blog has always been a spoiler zone. That's the way your fans like it and that's the way we hope it will stay.

So take that warning off! We want more spoilers!

Monster Bash Blog said...

LOL "spoiler zone"...Thanks Steve...I didn't realize I was an authority on spoilers...I mean...I posted pictures of Twilight on this blog too...that doesn't happen in the movie. Oh well. You can't please everyone! ...Only the SpoOoOooOOOky ones

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Heinrich Härkönen said...

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Heinrich Härkönen said...

just wonderful, lat den ratte komma in is officially my favorite horror-mistery book

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