Tuesday, March 25, 2008

it's not real...or is it?

ok...there were definitely THREE things that scared me the most growing up...actually, i take it back...two of them still kind of scare me now even though i probably will never admit it.

my third biggest fear...probably the most common, was that my dolls were going to come to life and kill me. i also had a near-real-doll-coming-to-life scare experience when we had first adopted our cat pudgy (i think i was like 6 or 7) and the sound he made when coughing up hairballs was eerily similar to a baby doll recording of "mama! mama!"...my dad i think also was startled and told me "whatever that was, it's sleeping in your room". this reinforced my fear of dolls coming to life...and then, when i saw this guy for the first time:

i seriously almost died of fright. chucky's going to come get me! ahhhh!!
around that same time, there was also a movie released called "dolls" with the same concept of dolls coming to life...seriously, 1987-1990 was HUGE in the "dolls coming to life and killing people" trend. i was terrified!

now though, i'm happy to report that child's play and dolls coming to life are no longer on the top of my "most feared list"-now it's sharks and heights. but still, for its time...dolls freaked me out big time.

The second most scary part of my youth were these books that they had at the library at school that you felt like such a badass reading: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. (p.s. i almost cried when i read they were released in 1986...god i'm old). Anyway, these books TERRIFIED me, as well as all of my friends, and elementary school class. my one friend's mother actually worked in the school, so we would sometimes have to wait a little bit later to go home...and what did we do besides prank call law firms with the payphone? we read these books! and believe me, i was so horrified, i couldn't sleep by myself...i'd run into my parent's room and sleep on the floor.

and the scariest story of them all? it was Clinkity-Clink...HANDS DOWN.

based on the picture alone, i had nightmares. i tried to find a picture of the lady...but seriously, it's too scary for the internet.

clinkity clink gave me many a sleepless night, as well as a spine tingling fear whenever someone would come up behind me and whisper "clinkity clink"

actually, i'm still a little scared thinking about it.

And now, for my number one, MOST SCARY part of my childhood...two words:

Bloody Mary.
As a kid, i had no idea what the deal was with her...all i knew was that if you were near a mirror, with a candle and/or an apple...at midnight...saying her name enough times...you weren't going to be at school the next day....you'd be dead!

here's one excerpt of what happens thanks to halloween-website.com:

After the given amount of chants, the spirit will then appear in a mirror and claw your eyes out and death will follow. Other variations have her driving you insane or pulling you into the mirror, never to be seen again.

seriously, i spent a good 2 weeks not sleeping for more than 2 hour intervals. i was beyond frightened.

i'd have to crawl to my parent's bedroom and sleep on the floor...making sure that when i passed a mirror, i'd crawl under it so she wouldn't see me, and that i wouldn't even THINK the words bloody or mary so that she wouldn't pop out and get me.

honestly, i never thought i'd grow out of this one...it was seriously the scariest concept that anyone could have ever thought of. they tried to capitalize on poor fools like myself and release Candyman.
but please...nothing could top the one and only B.M.

even now, i find myself passing a mirror at night and doing everything in my power not to look at it or think those words....

i think what's most terrifying about bloody mary...is that...maybe...just maybe...it could be true? i mean sure, everyone heard about those girls that lived down the street from you who were at a slumber party and one of them died...i mean, you knew them...not knew them-knew them...but like...you could've known them....right?

either way...i don't want to find out.


Jim said...

1. I did the whole Bloody Mary thing once, it worked and she killed me.

2. Scary Stories is the greatest thing on earth. I used to order them from those Scholastic things they used to hand out in school. Remember the one where the spiders laid eggs in the woman's face and hatched?


Let's take turns reading them aloud at M.B.

Boudicca said...

Worst first date ever: dinner at Pizza Hut and some Chuckie movie. That relationship was over before it began. Holy crap, I hate those movies!

I used to live next door to this woman who collected dolls.Her house was soooo creepy. There were dolls everywhere. She even had cribs and high chairs set up all over with them. Everytime I walked in her house,all I could think of was some horror story about the dolls coming to life *shudders*

My Number One fear is clowns.Strange but true.

Monster Bash said...


i totally agree! clowns are scary...wow, i can't believe i forgot to mention clowns...they are terrifying now that i think about them more in depth!

i'm glad you moved away from the woman in the doll-infested house...the fact tahat she had them in high chairs makes me uneasy!

Boudicca said...

Even stranger...I had a yard sale and she came and bought nearly all my twins' outgrown baby clothes for her "babies". Totally weird.

Monster Bash said...

that lady needs to be locked up! hahah!