Sunday, February 6, 2011

It's Baaaaaaaaaaack!

Welp, What can we say? Monster Bash has been on a bit of a horror hiatus for the past year. But I can promise you that it has been worth the wait...

Despite my lack of posts, Monster Bash 2010 did happen! We called it "Monster Bash lite" because it wasn't quite as meticulously planned as my other M.B.'s have been, but it was spoOoOooOktacular! I will be posting a little blog about that soon, because my costume was pretty horrendous!

I've also been watching many horror movies because with all of this snow, I've had a lot of time on my hands, so get ready for some repulsive reviews (and probably spoilers, for you spoiler-haters out there who like to call me out on my spoiler tendencies, I'm warning you now.)

But most importantly, I wanted to come on here and announce that today, February 6th, 2011...which most people are focusing on it as being Super Bowl Sunday...has officially become the day that I have begun my tireless work on planning Monster Bash 2011: the 5th annual Monster Bash!!

Trust me, this bash is going to REALLY be the "Bash to End All Bashes"

Get pumped!


Jim said...

Welcome back old friend, you were sorely missed. Can you blog about peat heaven please?

Monster Bash Blog said...

Thanks Jim! It's good to be back...Pet Heaven is definitely in the running, I'm just not sure logistically how it's scary? It is pretty disturbing though.