Sunday, February 20, 2011


Jim and I were trying to find a good movie to watch the other night, and somehow, we stumbled on Pin.

Man, I am so glad we did.

After reading one single phrase in the synopsis: "life-sized anatomically correct medical dummy"; I knew this was a winner.

Here's the trailer:

5 minutes in to this movie, and here's Pin:

Tell me that isn't the most disturbing dummy you've ever seen in your life.  He looks like you've just interrupted him in the middle of him telling an important story.  I mean, he kind of looks pissed.

But pair the way he looks with the way the doctor makes him have pure movie gold:

Skip to 6:34, that's when Pin talks....I have nightmares of that voice.

Basically, Pin is considered a type of story similar to Psycho, and I can definitely see the similarities, but this movie is frightening, disturbing and sad all at the same time.  There's so much going on and all of it makes me uncomfortable:

1.  Leon and Ursula's relationship.  They are brother-sister, but the whole movie has me thinking that Leon wants to get with Ursula.
2.  Leon and Pin's "relationship".  I feel sorry for Leon, especially at the end.
3.  The parents' storyline in the movie.  They are almost like Stepford people.  The mother is a crazy obsessive compulsive who is obsessed with cleaning everything and is pretty much a psycho.  The father I guess the most normal, but I think his vantriloquist doctor act is creepy.
4.  Poor Ursula.  This girl never had a chance, although despite how horrible her life is and how crazy everyone else is, she seems to turn out the most normal?
5.  The Nurse and Pin. Yikes.
6.  The scene when Ursula finds out she's pregnant.  Oh god.

There's so much material here.  You need to see this movie if you like bizarre films that are frightening in a non-gory way.

I will leave you with this though:

Doesn't he kind of look like one of the Baldwins?

I dunno, maybe it's just me?


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I love this blog and I wish you updated more often <3

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Aww, thank you! Just for you, I posted a new one.

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