Monday, February 7, 2011

Pet Heaven.

Did you beloved MB Blog readers see that poll over on the right hand side of your screen?  MB Blog wants to know what YOU want to see as this year's Monster Bash theme!  I'm not saying it'll definitely be one of those, as I already have a few spooOOoOoOoky ideas up my sleeve, but I am always open to new options.

When we were discussing MB'11, Jim brought up a theme that he has been campaigning for since the birth of Monster Bash, back in Saddle Brook park on a frighteningly beautiful August day in 2006.

And that idea is this:  Pet Heaven.

Much like you, my initial thought was "what on Earth is wrong with you?", but then, as I thought about it, depending on how you do it, it can be quite frightening...I guess.  Jim, I'm really trying here.

Jim's idea of "Pet Heaven" is probably more along the lines of having a bunch of stuffed animals and filling the condo with the fluff that fills pillows and then maybe harp music?

Oh wait, he just told me he wants to attach a stuffed cat to a "pulley" apparatus and every hour, "send the pet to heaven" by utilizing the pulley to raise the cat up...what a creep.

Personally, I think this is just insane, but if I were to humor him, I'd probably negotiate for mutilating the stuffed toys, putting fake blood on the fluff, and maybe have scary organ music.  Jim however doesn't like this and says that isn't pet "heaven" but more like "animal cruelty", which of course is not something Monster Bash wants to have.

Jim just said to hang a cloud in the corner of our living room and have a stuffed cat sitting on it looking at you.

Guys, I don't know, what do you think? 


Eric Wormann said...

I voted for Pedophiles before I read the blog entry, but now I want pet heaven. How do I change it?