Friday, February 11, 2011

Monster Bash 2010 (the Lite Edition!)

After the massive explosions that were Monster Bashes 2007 and 2008, I find it a little embarrassing that Monster Bash 2010 wasn't so big. Granted, I really didn't have the time and money to put into MB 2010 as I did for the other two, but still, if it has the title of "Monster Bash", it should be spOoOoOOooOktacular!

But, despite all of the roadblocks, we managed to throw together a "lite" bash, and you know what? It was still pretty spoOoOoooOooOktacular!

Can you guess what I am?  I'm a skeleton, with a hat and whip....give up?  Indiana Bones!

Indiana Bones poses with Jason, who is holding the coveted best costume prize

Santa Cos and Luigi show up

Monster Bash Brownies

Eyeball Caprese

zombie Pete won the best prize award

Monster Bash Pumpkin Cake

Pastry Princess and....Sherman from The Wiz

Pumpkin carving results from the Monster Dash

Zombie Pete wrapping Q-tip Renee during the Monster Dash Mummy Wrap

Pastry Princess v. Luigi during Monster Dash

Not too shabby for a last-minute bash!

2011 planning started 9 months in advance so we're in great shape for this year's to blow your faces off!