Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lancaster County Embraces Autumn in Aughost

I know, I'm really delayed in writing this, but...I've been a busy ghoul lately! Sorry!
If you know Jim or I, actually....mostly Jim....but in the past 4 years, also me.....We like going to Lancaster County.

What's so scary about that?
Well, nothing....but wait, let me finish.
Anyway, Jim has been going there since he was a little "Lancaster" was Aberdeen, Maryland, but we already discussed that in another blog. It's frightening! Ok, maybe not "frightening"...but bizarre for a young child.

Back to my tale of the Amish Country....
So Jim uses any chance he can get to go there....even bribing his boss at work to allow him to have a Saturday off to take a trip. Roberto, I hope you're reading this while eating your jerky. Jim has also expressed a desire to visit there once a month every year....for the rest of his life.
Nobody contributes more to the economy of Bird-in-Hand, PA than Jim himself.

Jim also plans to retire there and buy a house next to a farm.
So, a couple of weeks ago, I received word that Yummie, the mascott for Kitchen Kettle Village, was celebrating his birthday.

That's Yummie with Pat, the founder of Kitchen Kettle Village...This isn't scary at all, in fact, it's heartwarming. Look at how happy they are.

But then a zombie ghoul showed up!!! Now that's a little scarier, right? This is Monster Bash Blog after all, I gotta get something spoOoOoOoktacular in there.

Anyway, Jim and I decided to take a little day trip to visit our old friends: Kitchen Kettle Village, Intercourse Pretzel Factory, Miller's Smorgasbord, the Bird In Hand Farmer's Market....and of course....Yummie. Maybe the zombie ghoul too? No?

Definitely Old Candle Barn though.

And now this is where my story becomes an Autumnal masterpiece.
Old Candle Barn never lets me down. Adjacent to Kitchen Kettle Village is a barn where they make and sell these amazing candles.
Recently in the past maybe two years, they opened up this "room" where they showcase some of their products in a homey setting. My explanation of it truly does it no justice, it's spectacular and I find it bringing a tear to my eye each time I'm in there.

So we went there about 3 weeks ago....on Aughost 1st. Remember how I said Aughost is the unofficial start of Fall season? Well, I'm not alone.
Jim and I went to the Old Candle Barn, and as we rounded the corner into the special room of goodies, I noticed a prominent theme...

The entire room was full of....

LANCASTER, PA Pictures, Images and Photos
There were little pumpkins, a sign that says "Pumpkin Patch", autumnal scented candles, pumpkin potpourri, orange, red, yellow colored accessories....
I started making a scene. Tears rolled down my face, I think other patrons of the Old Candle Barn were confused/disturbed by my grabbing everything in that room and putting it in the basket.
I'm kidding.
Actually, everyone was enjoying it. People were strolling around the room and buying little pumpkin candle holders and harvest scented candles.
It was then that I realized....Lancaster Co. and I were meant to be, because we both celebrate the Fall Aughost.


Jim said...

This blog was more heartwarming than Pat and Yummie together.

Can you work Lancaster into all your blogs?

P.S: Zombie Ghouls are interested in the shops at K.K.V.?