Monday, August 3, 2009

"Hot" Costume Alert Today on

So today I was minding my own business, reading some spOoOoooky online celebrity news....and I came across a Halloween related article: is selling this terrifying "hot costume" for 2009:

Is that a schoolteacher?
A supreme court justice?
A talk show host?

is that a younger Sally Jesse Raphael?!
Sally Jesse Raphael Pictures, Images and Photos



Kate Gosselin?

Who is that?

She's a mom to 8 kids?

The only redeeming quality is that the name of this wig is "8 is too much" ...haha.

This is not a good costume idea...and here's why. The only way someone would know who you are is if they are into celebrity gossip, or they watch "Jon and Kate Plus 8". Which would narrow you down to mainly women. Jim wouldn't even know who this is, and I have made him watch the show. Halloween is a unisex event, people. You can't wear a costume that not everyone will know what you are. Remember my rules!

I was so devastated that BuyCostumes was promoting this, but then I decided to look deeper into their "New for 2009" stock and I was even further surprised:

First, there's these Muppet Masks:
Um sir.....Elmo and Cookie Monster are eating your head!

I'm so distracted by Gonzo's eternally flared nostrils that I can't even appreciate the craftsmanship.

Then there's a clump of hair for sale that is supposed to be Simon Cowell's hair?
This guy's face also looks like he's smelling something gross...not breaking the dreams of young musical hopefuls. for 2009?

...Motorcycle Police Helmet? Does this guy look like he's into it?
Didn't think so. This looks like a "last seen photograph" of this guy...before he escaped the institution.

Also considered "New" for 2009....God knows why...Is this miserable looking Cheech costume:
This is "Up in Smoke"'s Cheech...from the info on's horrible/great.

Slash...errr "rock superstar" is not new for 2009:

And then there's this which I think is supposed to be Michael Jackson, but it is seriously horrifying...also they call it "Pop King" and nowhere mention the words "Michael" or "Jackson". Creepy though. Reeeeally creepy.

I figured Michael Jackson would be a hot costume for 2009...There's so many great options...Thriller Michael, Beat It Michael....but Kate? Kate Gosselin? Oh no.


Anonymous said...

Simon Cowell looks more like Gary Vetter

Jim said...

I thought that costume was supposed to be Cindy McCain.

I whole-heartedly agree with your "everybody has to know what you are" rule.

Otherwise, you'll be explaining who you are all night which is a nightmare scenario.

Jim said...

I also forgot to mention how I want one of those muppet there a Fozzie one?

You could pull that off all year long.

Look at Lady Gaga.

Monster Bash Blog said...

Anonymous phelps LOL

Jim i could totally see that as Cindy Mccain...interesting observation! There isn't a creepy Fozzie one, just a regular one. Lady Gaga's Kermit coat gives me nightmares.