Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hurricane Horror

I have to admit I've been slacking on the MB Blog train...

One of the reasons is that I've recently taken the plunge into home ownership and spend most of my horror filled days and nights being covered in primer and paint. More on the horrors of home ownership later...

But on top of all of that, I happened to have booked a cruise in the beginning of the year that is not only clashing with my woes of being a broke first time buyer, but also is clashing with a fright-filled time of year known to many as...

Hurricane Season.

Now, Hurricane season lasts from June until November, which is the entire summer and then most of my magical fall, but it is also a potentially dangerous time to cruise!

It also always seems to be the only time I book my cruises because they are cheaper, and because kids are in school and not splashing me while I sip on my Pina SpoOoOoOk-ladas.

Or riding on a nice catamaran

mmm cruises...

So, lately, my two favorite websites besides Party City and Oriental Trading are and The National Hurricane Center

Hurricanes are terrifying for many reasons. Obviously the widespread destruction and disarray they cause is terrifying...

but also, the coverage scares me too. Maybe it's the music they play when they are covering it on the weather channel:

Or perhaps it's also that creepy little whirly symbol:
Hurricane Symbol Pictures, Images and Photos

Or seeing it on the big map (that's Hurricane Rita below):
9-21-05 Hurricane Rita tracking map Pictures, Images and Photos

Or the cloud satellite pictures:
hurricane Isabel Pictures, Images and Photos

...All of them...all scary. Hurricanes are scary because there's really nothing to prevent them. They are a force of nature. We can try to prepare and evacuate and help those affected...hopefully way better than what happened with Katrina, but other than that, when a hurricane is's coming.

This is actually pretty cool, Wikipedia has a whole list of different things about hurricanes, you can even see which ones affected your state.