Friday, October 30, 2009

Monster Vote!

We're going to try something a little different here at Monster Bash's called The Tournament of (SpoOoOoOoky) Horror Icons!!!

Basically, I want to know who the most popular, most frightening, most terrifying Horror movie star is...I mean...I know who mine is...but who is yours?

Let me give you some examples....

1. Jason Voorhees.
cartoon jason voorhees Pictures, Images and Photos
Known fondly by MB Blog as simply "Jason"... Jason's got it all...he comes from a murderous family, was originally thought to be dead...hates promiscuity...and is completely indestructable. He also loves to travel...especially to places like Camps, New York City, and Outer Space. This guy is really going places and we are along for the ride.

2. Freddy Krueger
Freddy Krueger Pictures, Images and Photos

Having trouble sleeping? Maybe it's for the best. Freddy strikes terror in the hearts of the young and slutty...even the young and not so slutty. Not a fan of fire, but a big fan of horizontally striped sweaters, Freddy takes fashion seriously. And what about those claws? But really, how long can you stay awake?

3. Michael Myers
cartoon michael myers Pictures, Images and Photos

Donning an old William Shatner mask, MM doesn't wear his heart on his sleeve. In fact, I don't even think Mikey has a heart. He might be a little bit crazy, but not even bars and squad cars can keep him locked away. Think he's dead at the end of every movie? Think again!

4. Leatherface
cartoon leatherface Pictures, Images and Photos
What can you really say about a guy named "Leatherface"? I mean, he wears people's faces as masks. He swings a giant chainsaw. His family may be the only thing scarier.

5. Zombies (general)
Zombie Pictures, Images and Photos
How do you kill something that's already dead? Oh and also, they want to eat pressure or anything. They also will always find you, and depending on what Zombie movie you're watching, they could be really fast.

6. Sharks (general)
swimming shark Pictures, Images and Photos
Sharks terrify me. They are 100% real, and if you encounter one, you are on THEIR turf. Get ready for teeth. Lots of them.

7. Clowns (general)
scary Pictures, Images and Photos
Clowns are frightening, especially Killer Klowns. From Outer Space. Get it? Anyway, it's something about that caked on makeup, and that creepy evil grin. Maybe also the big shoes.

8. Belial
Belial Pictures, Images and Photos
Belial has become a cult icon. Have you seen him? He hates when people have sex, and he loves hamburgers. His shriek could curdle blood.

9. Dracula
dracula coffin Pictures, Images and Photos
I love vampires, but Dracula doesn't look like a Cullen, and therefore, he's scary.

10. Frankenstein
frankenstein Pictures, Images and Photos
Frankenstein gets a pretty tame rep. I mean, the guy was struck by lightning. He's scary. He has bolts in his neck.

According to is numero uno head honcho of horror....while Geeks of Doom crowned Hannibal Lecter....who's yours?


Fear Street said...

I LOVE these icons!!

And I would have to say the one who always scared me is Dracula...or just vampires in general. The thought of something creeping into my room at night and draining my blood always got to me. Leatherface is a close second for the obvious reasons.

~~Happy Halloween!~~