Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Friday the 13th Month: Jason's Birthday Party

It kind of started out as a joke, but somehow, Jim and I came up with this idea of having a "birthday party" for Jason as part of the release of the Friday the 13th Remake (In theaters 02/13/09 a.k.a. the spoOoOoOoOokiest day of your life!). This was mainly because I wanted to try to make a cake that looked like Jason.

Then it turned into a slumber party/movie marathon birthday party, and Jim was sure that nobody would come to that, because a bunch of 25-29 year olds having a slumber party at Jim's house is kind of silly. But Jim was sold on the birthday cake idea.

Then I mentioned it to Renee, who loved it and said she'd definitely be there, regardless of how stupid (amazing) it would be. She also brought a giant coffee to stay awake as long as necessary to get through all of Jason's hijinx.

Then, Jim and I decided to have it on Friday, 02/06/09, as a week before Jason's birthday (Friday the 13th remake release)...because Jim was off from work.

So Jim did what he always does: send out a mass email:


From: Jim
To: Everyone

Well...the world awaits Mr. Voorhees' birthday next Friday...

In case you didn't know, New Line Cinema and Paramount Pictures are delivering to our doorsteps next Friday a wonderful new installment in the life of Mr. Jason Voorhees.

It promises to be spectacular....and I believe it.

So in honor of this historic birthday next week...



There WILL be movies.

There WILL be fun.

There WILL be cake.

The cake WILL be Jason-themed.

And perhaps the BIGGEST announcement of all...



Were going to watch as many of these goddamned movies as we can though!

And eat a cake that looks like Jason!

You thought sleepovers were a chapter of your life that had ended?....Oh, no, no, no

It's time to open up that chapter....one....last...time.

Come to what is almost definitely the best Jason-themed party you have ever attended.

Celebrate Jason's birthday on Wilson St!...(temporarily renamed Murder St.)

and just in case you need to reference it to friends...the OFFICIAL name of tonight's ridiculously and unbelievably awesome party is...

Jason's Birthday Party Sleepover!

So when you talk about where you're going to friends, you would say "I can't go to Hoboken tonight, I'm going to Jason's Birthday Party Sleepover!"

It's the party of a lifetime!

Or....better yet....the party of a death-time!

Would it be enough? I wasn't sure...I knew in my cold black heart that this would be the party of a lifetime, but would our friends agree?

I started to gets texts saying "who's Jason?" "Do I know him?" "Are you kidding or serious? " "I'm not sleeping over, but maybe I'll stop by"

And then it crossed the line from "no way" to "ok I'll see you at 8".

Even Scott, who is always busy, said he'd come. This was a serious party...not like Monster Bash...but still serious.

So of course, we took a trip to my favorite place: Party City, and bought birthday party supplies.

Jason confetti

Red Tablecloth and cups (I already had that amazing Freddy vs. Jason platter and the beverage fountain...Abe was in Friday the 13th Part IV so he was invited too)

My awesome dipping sets that I've been collecting and Friday the 13th Chip Bowl

Happy Birthday banner (there was nothing hockey mask or Friday the 13th related at Party City...it was slim pickins this time of year)

I started to work on the cake, Jim bought hurricane cocktail mix (a.k.a. Camp Crystal Lake water)

Here is my masterpiece:

Pretty close right?

mask Pictures, Images and Photos

We also got some food from Jason's favorite Mexican food establishment: On The Border...if you'll remember in Friday the 13th Part V Reggie's brother offers him tacos and enchiladas so you know Mexican food is a staple in Friday the 13th films.

And then we were ready to (Birthday) Party!

Any validation that I needed to know that it was a real party occurred when Meg and Keem showed up.

Happy (Early) Birthday Jason!


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