Monday, September 7, 2009

SpoOoOOoOokiest Serveware....Missing

I could kick myself.

Last year, I was glued to for all fun Halloween Serveware. I was searching all over for "Murder Circus" themed goodies, and came across the Halloween Lazy Susan:

Look at that thing. It's incredible. It has 3 magical spoOoOoOky ghosts, to hold whatever fun snack accessory you need...and then a cauldron dipping bowl in the center. The "Halloween Lazy Susan" is, in my opinion, one of the greatest seasonal serveware products I've ever laid my Halloween loving eyes on.

I needed it!!!

But at the time, it was a whopping $40....and I couldn't justify buying it....especially with shipping involved. Actually, I think Jim wouldn't let me get it. That's how I'd like to remember it...

I figured "let me wait until it goes on sale AFTER Halloween and I can use it for the rest of the year until next Halloween"

Well, sure enough after Halloween it went on sale.

I watched it like a hawk. Every week. It would go down little by little.

Finally, it said "Clearance" at $30.

Was that enough for me?


It's gotta go down lower, I thought.

Well, sure enough, a week later, the listing for it at disappeared.

No matches?!!? What do you mean? It was just there!

Well, this year, Target has added its Halloween section, so I went there to check to see if they brought an old friend back....

NOT BACK?!?!?!

Not only was this the greatest lazy susan I'd ever seen, but now it's nowhere to be found a year later?!?!? They're not even bringing it back?

I then searched ebay, and was unwilling to pay $44.98 plus shipping.

Dear Target,
Blow the dust off that clearance one, because I know nobody else bought it, and put it back online for me. I promise I'll buy it this time!!
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