Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Paranormal Activity? Forget it.

On a cold Sunday night two weeks ago....
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I saw it.

Now, I really over-hyped this...as did the rest of America. It was so hard not to...

The movie was EVERYWHERE!

I'd be driving home, in the dark, and it would come on in a commercial...I'd glance in my rear view mirror and freak out a little.

I'd be at home, alone, and the trailer would come on...

I'd immediately avoid all mirrors and dark closets.

I was obsessed. People were describing it as "the scariest movie ever". I was hooked. I had to see it. I was frightened to see it though...would it be TOO scary?

In terms of "ghosts"...I'm a believer. It's realistic to me that people and places are haunted, so could this movie prove to be the scariest movie ever? I had to see it...

Finally, we went to the theater...on a Sunday night...

Sitting there waiting for it to begin, I was HORRIFIED. The guy ripping our tickets told us to "not be too scared"...wtf??!?! WHAT HAPPENS IN THIS MOVIE!?

*******ATTENTION...I'm going to discuss the movie now...and there will be spoilers...so STOP READING NOW if you don't want to know what happens....THANKS! MBBlog*****************

Good enough? No nasty grams, ok readers?

Ok, we're back...

So the trailers come on, which btw, if I can be a female for a minute...I am so pumped to see The Lovely Bones, aren't you?

I watched the trailer and then I had to read the book....and it's fantastic and I can't wait to see the movie now....and...ok, ok...sorry....

The ghoul is back in town.

Anyway, the movie starts, and it's actually...really....reeeeeaaallly slow. You get to know the characters, and they got a camera, and they're pretty damn believable.

That's Katie and Micah, the main characters...what a nice couple...right? They're "engaged to be engaged". Micah is funny, and apparently makes enough money to not have to go outside of the house...and Katie is his spunky leading lady who is in school to be a teacher.

But the tension begins....you feel the tension in the theater, and I think that's what makes it the most scary...because in all honesty, the things that are happening on the screen aren't really that scary. But oh boy, you are so scared waiting for something to happen. Something's going to happen soon, though, right?

And sure enough, things start happening, and people in the audience get rowdy...which I think for a movie like this is the best part...the rowdy crowd. You know, the ones that yell "leave the bitch!" or "holy shit!" or "turn the lights on!"
Paranormal Activity Pictures, Images and Photos


There's a couple of cool parts...like this one:

...and by the end of the movie, you are on the edge of your seat waiting....WAITING....ugh the waiting!

And then, the theatrical ending..which is pretty cool...but there was also an original ending...which is sad as hell. I think I prefer to the movie one because it's more exciting and scary...but the original makes you feel really, really bad for them. There's also a third ending out there looming too....something about Katie slitting her own throat? It only aired once at a public viewing though...so...oh well. It'll probably be on the DVD.

There were other differences between the original cuts and the theatrical version, which The Horror Effect Blog explains really well here.

One involved a botched exorcism, which I really wish they would have kept in.

Anyways, as with any successful movie, especially one that cost $15,000 to make and beat out Saw VI, there have been sequel discussions.

And there you have it! Get ready for Paranormal Activity 4: Rise of Katie.