Wednesday, October 1, 2008


October is Here!!

That from like 2003. Me, Julie,and Rochelle took it for the month of October at the mall as part of a calendar that we were going to give our former boss as a going away gift. I just liked how it had a pumpkin and a look of fear and horror on our faces.

Anyways, get pumpkinified!!

This entire month for me is like what December is to Jim's Christmas love.

I am full speed ahead into Monster Bash/Halloween.

What have I accomplished so far?

Well, let's look back, shall we?

We've had quite a journey here at Monster Bash Blog.

In March, we got acquainted.
In April, we got excited for scary movies.
In May, we ran the gamut from Autopsies, to cruises, to mummies...
In June, we had special guest Friday the 13th, as well as a discussion about my love of pumpkins
In Ghouleye, the Dark Knight came out and took over my life, and we talked about Ouija boards
In Aughost, I prepped you on the perfect costume picking
Last month, I began to accelerate into Halloweentown. I stepped on the gas a little bit, we went from 45 mph to about 65. I was about 5 over the speed limit.

Apple picking and Salem are two heavy hitters that I am going to actually do in October rather than in September to Dismember.


I did go to spOoOoOoOky Lancaster and Terror Behind the Walls!

So I think I'm doing pretty well!
How are you doing with your costume hunting?
I'm done. Well, almost. I have to check on what AMR has been doing with it.

So, what do we have to look forward to this month?

Besides horror and every store being completely decked out in Halloween mayhem?!

We have:

Apple Picking

Pumpkin Hayrides


Announcement of the theme of Monster Bash 2008! A MB Blog exclusive!

Candy Molding like you wouldn't believe!

and of course


I would also like you to know that at my job, I was asked to run the pumpkin painting contest because last year, my vampire pumpkin won 2nd place. So get excited for that!


Jim said...

Apple picking isn't necessarily spooky, honey.

But it is autumn-y

Actually it could be if the apples has braaaaaains in them.

Fear Street said...

I looooooove this entire month. It'll be over way too soon.