Monday, October 20, 2008

Masker's Orchard: A Comprehensive Guide to Apple-Picking the Monster Bash Way

Nothing says "Autumn" like picking your own apples and spending the day at an apple orchard.

For the past couple of years, Jim and I have been going to the apple picking hotspot, Masker's Orchard in Warwick, NY.

This place...forget it....

Let me explain how a trip to Masker's typically works.

First, you approach the orchard. You will know you are getting close because you will pass about 3 parking lots dedicated to the Renaissance Faire.
When you see the signs for Masker's, you put on the apple radio station...which I can't find online anywhere...because it's TOP SECRET! Oh, it's 87.9 AM (I found out this past weekend, however, it didn't come in clear enough to listen to it this time).
Then, pick up your baggies with the map of the orchard on it from one of the parking attendants waving you in for the fun!
Park your car, and follow the map to find your perfect apple!
(Be sure to first check out those ripening schedules for your favorite apple! Remember, Granny Smith's ripen the 3rd week of September!)

Make sure you stop for plenty of photo opportunities! The views are breathtaking!
Masker's is also great for letting you know where the unpicked apples are hiding!

While picking those apples, make sure you eat a make sure they're appley-enough!

Stop by the country store and buy some caramel apple kits!
Then, pick up some apple cider, have your car checked for stolen apples...and be off to make those apples into delicious pieces of art:

So, when do you guys want to go? Here are the directions!

Just an F.Y.I, we went this last weekend, and not only was it significantly colder than last year, but there seemed to be no apples left. I had heard there was a storm that destroyed some of the apple crop, but, I don't know. Also keeping up with tradition, I still couldn't find the Granny Smith section. Maybe next year!

Afterward, we also kept up with the awesome tradition of pumpkin picking hayride!!! more on that later!! (next blog!)