Monday, July 28, 2008

Worst Places to Be Killed in a Horror Movie

It's unfair to think that in every horror movie, the characters are going to be doing something really awesome when they die. On the flip side, they are usually doing something completely ridiculous or extraordinary.
I mean sure, some are doing something cool, but in some films....they are caught in the most uncompromising and downright embarassing positions to be killed in. It's over the top. I blush a little when I watch them for the sake of the character's dignity. Not kidding.

So here's a few that I find cringeworthy (and not due to blood and gore, but more sheer embarassment)**WARNING** some of these clips are nsfw (not suitable for work):

1. On the toilet/in the shower/in the bathroom in general: Horror Forum already beat me to this, but it's seriously embarassing. I just was reading about movie, "The Prowler" (1981) where one girl is impaled in the chest while showering with a PITCHFORK. figure that one out. But of course, one of my personal faves is from Friday the 13th: oooo baby:

This one from Final Destination was also pretty clever:

and of course, how cliche of me...

2. In the bedroom: The bedroom is supposed to be where you sleep, relax, wind down...or OOOO LA LA!!! these are just a few of the reasons why people getting killed in their very own beds is upsetting, sometimes embarassing. Of course, the most innocent is sweet, sleeping Johnny Depp:

And one of my other personal faves from Nightmare on Elm street, TINA!

This website provides a top 10 list of "best bedroom kills"...the freddy vs. jason one is so amazing....I had to post it again here:

3. Being this close to freedom. This happens all too often...they're going to make it?! right?! oh they're's gut wrenching. I tried to find a clip of that scene when Drew Barrymore, in the beginning of Scream, is 10 feet away from being saved....but nope....none of them were in English. sorry folks, but you know what i'm talking about right? I don't know if this makes you feel any better, but apparently, to keep Drew upset during that opening scene, he talked about animal cruelty. that would make me cry too.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies are infamous for making you think that someone will rescue them...someone will live at the end of this movie...and then...complete despair. X-Entertainment's review of it is outrageously good. read it.

Here's one scene from the newer TCM-The Beginning...where's she's SO CLOSE:

4. Being killed and nobody knows you're being killed. I know...another Scream movie. The beginning of Scream 2 shows Jada Pinkett-Smith getting killed during the screening of "Stab" and the audience thinks it's part of the movie! Awful!

or that scene in Urban Legend where the girl invites an internet friend over and he ends up killing her while the roommate sleeps next door! here's the clip: (warning: not really sfw):

I can't think of any others...what are your thoughts?


Jim said...

You really captured the essence of the bedroom kill I felt.


Jim said...

Isn't it the pot calling the kettle black when you haven't blogged in months to tell me to blog? blogged a couple days ago...and 8 times a month before that....i'll try to keep up