Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Scary Jul-Eye

So, it's July. Summer is full-steam ahead. But you know what else July brings besides Summer magic? The 4 month mark before...OCTOBER!!!
Skull Eyes Blinking

I just want you all to know that I have been very busy in the pre-planning stages of Monster Bash 2008. I will be posting soon about why Monster Bash 2008 is so extraordinarily special this year and why you should all be there with bells and fangs on....so hang in there and stay spooOoOooOoky!

Now, Let's talk about eyes
blinking II

When I was in my Nintendo NES hayday (2 weeks ago), I always enjoyed Castlevania.CV2 gameplay 2

Moreso, Simon's Quest.

Actually, I hate Simon's Quest. I can't beat it. ever. The Angry Video Game Nerd explained it best (sorry for the foul lang....but i agree):

but there's one part that creeps me out the most, even for a video game...that part when it's night time and you're jumping over this moving...lava...water? and there are floating EYES coming after you!
Floating Eye of Death Stencil
eyes by themselves in someone's face aren't usually spoOoOoOky, unless they're wearing white or red contacts I guess....but....floating eyes are definitely spoooOoOoOoky!

There are also movies made solely based around scariness of eyes (or just have the word "eye" in the title)...

1. Eye for an Eye. Ok, it's not really a "horror" movie...but if you're a girl, or you have daughters....the beginning part is realistically scary. Kiefer Sutherland also scared the bejeebas out of me. This movie is amazing. see it anyway.

2. The Eye. Wasn't this Jessica Alba flick the same as that movie with Madeline Stowe? Blink?

3. The Hills have Eyes. Ok, not about eyes, but yikes. mutants after years of nuclear testing.

4. Jeepers Creepers. The monster takes out eyes for goodness sake! where'd you get those peepers?

5. Red Eye. Ok fine it's not about eyes at all...but, it's in the title. so there.

6. Stephen King's Cat's Eye. meeeow

7. See No Evil. Seriously, this movie sucked. I had to go see it because Jim loves wrestlers in movies.

8. The Crawling Eye. Perhaps the best movie idea ever created: tagline: A man dissolves...and out of the oozing mist comes the hungry eye, slave to the demon brain

9. The Killing Eye. Wow.

10. The Eye Creatures. Someone really loves me up there...because this movie is about Alien Eye Creatures invading a town.

Anyway, you get the picture. July was a hard month to think of something spoOoOoktacular for...keep your EYES open for some Halloween fun coming your way this month! muahahahahaha!

Pumpkin blinking eyesOnly 121 days until Halloween!Pumpkin blinking eyes


Jim said...

"keep your EYES open for some Halloween fun coming your way this month!"


"Some people want to move on in their lives. Other people just want to watch old men sing on tv."

Monster Bash Blog said...

haha thanks for getting that...

right, i'm interested in moving out and having monster bash in my very own home so i can have a fake hand coming out of the toilet without your dad freaking out...while you watch elderly men sing showtunes.

i ordered this year's invitations. it's july 2nd. i can't wait.